Google News Alert for: autism | Circa Jul 3, 2009

Fri, Jul 3, 2009, 9:30 PM |Google News Alert for: autism

SSC board to offer concessions to autistic kids
Times of India – India
MUMBAI: There is some heartening news for parents of autistic children in the state. From this academic year, the SSC board will offer concessions to 
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Student Develops Robot For Autism Research
Boston – MA, USA
Kids with autism respond to it. “A child that comes up to Keepon and starts making faces to it acts kind of goofy. The teacher says, ‘I never see that sort 
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Examiner.comThe pied-piper, autism cures and therapy – USA
Always beware the snake oil salesman, and anyone promising a “cure” for autism. While ABA therapy and changes in diet are the two of the leading paths used 
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Daily MailGary, suicide bids, and inside the mind of a young man with Asperger’s
Daily Mail – UK
By Jane Asher A few years ago, I opened a new unit at a weekly residential centre for adults with autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. Because of my visit, 
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Examiner.comAutism Movement Therapy: alternative approach to improve attentive – USA
Individuals with autism spectrum disorder often find it difficult to remain focused on academic tasks. Parents frequently seek help from one or more 
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Extreme Male Theory: Chemicals in Plastics Cause Autism
Eco Child’s Play – USA
If your life has not been touched by a child with autism, you friend’s probably has. Autism rates are on the rise leaving parents, doctors, and scientists 
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Teach autistic kids in smaller groups
Times of India – India
A new study suggests that children with autism need to be taught in smaller groups. “Sensory integration dysfunction has long been speculated to be a core 
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Examiner.comAutism Hangout celebrates 1 year anniversary: With webinar series! – USA
July 4th marks the one year anniversary of Autism Hangout. Founder and operator, Craig Evans, voices appreciation and gratitude to the autism community who 
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Autism Vaccine Complaint Movie: “Selective Hearing, Brian Deer and 
Age of Autism – Trumbull,USA
I was there with my wife Lara and members of the UK Treating Autism Charity, supporting the doctors and also (in my mind at the time the more important 
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Financial help coming for Wisconsin families with autistic children
WKBT – La Crosse,WI,USA
That’s how much the Autism Society of America estimates it will cost a family caring for a child with the disability. However, Wisconsin families are now 
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Google Blogs Alert for: autism

Autism – Prenatal risk factors for autism: comprehensive meta 
By sjennings29 
PubMed, Embase and PsycINFO databases were searched for epidemiological studies that examined the association between pregnancy-related factors and autism. Forty studies were eligible for inclusion in the meta-analysis. 
Lancashire Care Library and Informati… –
Media dis&dat: Another resignation at Autism Speaks
By BA Haller 
It’s another resignation for Autism Speaks, the largest autism research and advocacy group in the country. In January, Alison Singer, then executive vice president of communications and awareness, quit the group, saying she could no 
Media dis&dat –
palin resigns palin ron paul mckinney 2012 cap trade autism fall 
By new world order 
Happy independency day will the military be on american soil Who will be drones and foreign troops. leathal and non leathal weapond palin or ron paul or other who should be president 2012 christianity christiam muslim fake conservatives 
Stop new world order alternative… –
Autism Diet & Nutrition – GFCF Diet, SCD Diet, Body Ecology Diet 
By Julie Matthews 
The Journal of Child Neurology published a special article online June 29, 2009 (published ahead of printing) entitled “Celiac Disease Presenting as Autism.” The article is a case study of a 5-year-old boy diagnosed with autism and 
Autism Diet & Nutrition – GFCF… –
Preparing to Fly
By Heather 
Travel and Adventure for Families on the Spectrum.
Autism On The Go –

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