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McCarthy’s view on vaccines stirs ‘View’ controversy

McCarthy, a best-selling author, has blamed vaccines for causing her son, Evan, to develop autism, both during an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show and in books such as Healing and Preventing Autism: A Complete Guide. MORE: Jenny McCarthy 
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Autism research will be coordinated at Montclair State University
Montclair residents living with autism will be among the first to experience the benefits from seven grants, totaling $4.5 million, recently funded by the Governor’s Council for Medical Research and Treatment of Autism, a division of the state 
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Common autism supplement affects endocrine system
Medical Xpress
In the case of luteolin supplements for autism/spectrum, “You’re giving prepubescent kids a supplement that affects the endocrine system and that’s dangerous,” Nordeen says. He points out that “nutraceuticals” – which include flavonoid and other 
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Autism Advocate Jenny McCarthy Says Bye to Jim Carrey, Dating Donnie 
Jenny McCarthy, a fierce advocate for autism awareness, is no longer with longtime love Jim Carrey. She is, however, dating Donnie Wahlberg. Donnie’s more famous brother, Mark Wahlberg, has yet to comment on his brother’s new fling. Wahlberg, 43 
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Tricare’s New Autism Policy Raises Concerns
A new Tricare coverage policy for a specific Autism therapy includes usage requirements for active duty users and – relative to the previous rules – limits who can receive coverage and for how long. In turn, parents, providers and advocates are 
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Autism on a Personal Note
About – News & Issues
I’ve noticed that many people enjoy reading about personal experiences with autism spectrum disorders, and while I have written quite a bit, here and there, about my son Tom, I’ve never really blogged from a personal perspective about my own life as an 
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Anguish over autism: A mom’s crusade could help unravel scientific mystery
Environmental Health News
Jill Escher’s dogged quest to unravel why two of her children are autistic has drawn the attention of scientists, and may ultimately lead to a greater understanding of how prescription drugs – and perhaps chemicals in the environment – may secretly and 
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Kingwood Trust autism charity gets lottery funding
BBC News
A Reading-based charity has been awarded more than £95,000 to help people with autism find work. The Kingwood Trust has been given the money by the Big Lottery Fund to improve employment chances of people in Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Hampshire.
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Joe Giudice Says ‘Autism Isn’t Really A Bad Disease’ On ‘Real Housewives Of 
Huffington Post
Joe Giudice put his foot in his mouth again on the latest installment of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.” He was discussing Nicholas, the son of castmembers Jacqueline and Chris, who has autism. He said that both Jacqueline and Chris use Nicholas 
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What it’s like to have a brother with autism (video) – AMERICAblog
By John Aravosis
A beautiful, inspiring video by a college kid, Spencer Timme, about what it’s like to have an autisticolder brother.
Study cracks universal RNA code, suggests a new cause for autism
By plivingstone
One protein they looked at may explain some of the symptoms in children with autism. The researchers found that RBFOX1, a protein often turned off in the brains of patients, ensures the activity of genes important for the function of nerve cells 
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Jenny McCarthy The View, Autism, Vaccines: Controversial Quotes 
By Aly Weisman
The outspoken comedian/actress/author/Autism advocate/Playboy bunny/talk show host has never been shy about sharing her opinions, and most famously she believes there is a link between vaccines and autism, an opinion that’s 
Business Insider
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Online Graduate Programs in Autism at UMass Lowell
The Behavioral Intervention in Autism graduate certificate, BCBA and ABA training programs are available online at UMass Lowell.

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