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Wed, Dec 1, 2010, 8:29 PM | Google Alert – autism

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Explaining autism
The Economist
AUTISM is a puzzling phenomenon. In its pure form it is an inability to understand the emotional responses of others that is seen in people of otherwise 
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Autism workshop to focus on awareness
Times of India
PUNE: A three-day workshop has been organised from December 17 to create awareness among parents and teachers about autism. The workshop will be conducted 
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Hearing, speech center will offer program for autistic children
Lexington Herald Leader
“We are talking to schools around the country that have autistic classes and working to put together a program,” said King Offutt, president of the Hearing 
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Fighting for new autism insurance reform bill
Michigan taxpayers spent $14 billion dollars caring for people with autism last year. An effort is underway in Lansing that would save the state a big chunk 
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NIH launches autism-research site
By Andis Robeznieks A new Web portal created by the National Institutes of Health gives autismresearchers access to information from multiple databases on 
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Building Blocks Aide Autistic Children
Researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) in an effort to aide children with autism gain building blocks creativity, they filled a 
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Hess Presents $25000 Check to Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation to Raise Autism
The charity’s primary objective is to raise awareness and support families affected by autismdisorders. Flutie was extremely grateful for the charitable 
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Becky Estepp Talks About Autism Recovery: There is Always Hope
Age of Autism
I hope the general pediatrician reaction to biomed treatment for autism today has greatly improved, but if not, I think it is pretty clear to the viewing 
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Autism Speaker — Special Children, Challenged Parents, Caring Professionals (press release)
Consider Robert Naseef, a unique psychologist, author, and parent of an adult child with autism from Philadelphia. Special Children, Challenged Parents: The 
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Lincoln Development Center plans new Outdoor Learning Center
The Lincoln Development Center serves more than 100 students with autism. Leaders want to raise $550000 to provide students with a new place to learn and 
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NeuroVigil and Stanford begin home based Autism study – SmartPlanet
By Boonsri Dickinson
Philip Low’s brain sensor can technically replace your shrink. It can monitor your sleep patterns at home. To get around the discomfort of hooki.
Science Scope Blog RSS | SmartPlanet –
ABA4Autism or other Neuropsychological Disorders: Autism and the 
By Dr. Brown
The scientific literature and my 35 years experience as a psychologist have convinced me that Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is the most effective treatment for children with Autism or other Neuropsychological Disorders. 
ABA4Autism or other Neuropsychologica… –
The Skeptical OB: Autism and mother-blame
By Amy Tuteur, MD
On the surface, the old idea of the “refrigerator mother” causing autism and the new quack idea of vaccines causing autism might appear to have little in common. However, as Dr. Michael Fitzpatrick notes, they both rest on the same 
The Skeptical OB –
The New Mito-Autism Study In JAMA
By kwombles
A new study was released today in JAMA which looked at, in part, mitochondrial DNA overreplication in a sample of ten autistic children between the ages of 2 and 5 and ten matched controls. Giulivi et al. found that 5 of the 10.
Science 2.0 –
Mix Up a Recipe4Hope to Support Autism Research « Autism Science 
By autismsciencefoundation
“We all know that autism science requires the right ingredients. Not necessarily sugar and spice, but insight, creativity, tenacity, hope and funding,” said Alison Singer, President of the Autism Science Foundation. 
Autism Science Foundation Blog –
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Ativan disinhibition autism | 32% Discount from
Online drugstore: our pills care your health. Price list for ativan Ativan disinhibition autism.…
Cell Irregularity Linked to Autism in Kids
New research linking impaired mitochondrial function to autism appears to support the notion that the cellular irregularity plays a role in the disorder in…/cell-irregularity-linked-to-autism-in-kids

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