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Argh! I’m so dreading filing the IEP for my son. | Circa Aug 22, 2005

Aug 22, 2005, 9:08 AM | Comment I Left On A Blog Post

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Argh! I’m so dreading filing the IEP for my son. We’re having a heck of a time getting an offical diagnosis for Hyperlexia. His counselor can’t diagnose it — but ‘sees’ it.

We go to the doctor and he says it’s a child psychologist he needs to see for a dx and back and forth. I talked to someone down in LA for a eval but that cost min 3 grand and insurance doesn’t’ cover it.

So we’re left with and IEP or 504 and NO one at the school is allowed to ‘talk’ to us about it because of the rules there. 

 How stupid is that? The people who should best be able to help you find help for your son aren’t able to by school policy. I can only imagine how much help they’re going to be when I send in the request.

 Reading your post, I’m guessing this can be a battle anywhere. Why are they so reluctant to help?


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