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Absences & IEP Request | Circa Nov 17, 2005.

Thu, Nov 17, 2005, 2:33 PM | Email From Me To Family Member

You know, I hate to say this – but I don’t know that Jared can go in Feb. to Disneyland. 

We’re STILL working on makeup work for the two days he missed. I think he has a bit more tonight to do and we’re finally done. It’s been such a huge struggle for him and me – we’ve been up every night working with him on this until 10-11 pm. 

Also, I turned in an IEP assessment request today. The school psychologist looked up his history – said he had a lot of absences (he only have four that I know of, two for Disney, one for the social worker and one when he was sick… not sure what their criteria is. Maybe I’m generous but that doesn’t seem like a ton to me).

He said if they thought at all that his school issues were caused by absences they couldn’t help him – state law. As it is he is going to be thoroughly tested – IQ test for both verbal side and performance side, Visual processing, Audio processing, and something else that tests fine motor skills. They also sent his information to the school speech pathologist – I guess they’ll help him with audio processing? Dunno – will know more later.

In 60 days from the time I sign the paperwork they’ll have all this done and let us know if he qualifies for anything under special Ed – if he doesn’t well at least have a better understanding of what to request from a 504 plan. The school psychologist also wants me to get in touch with a group counseling session that teaches kids social skills. How’s that for one morning? 😉

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