Will Be Silent #NOMORE | Circa Mar 5, 2015

Mar 5, 2015, 10:12 AM | From My Journal

Will Be Silent #NOMORE Actress, advocate and now an official ambassador of NO MORE speaks out about being a survivor.

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Silent ‪#‎NOMORE‬: Wow, incredible campaign to help break the stigma. I share about my challenges with mental illness and experiences with PTSD and Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures, but I rarely share about the trauma that caused them.

Actually, probably never outside a select group of folks know about the why, and not much with even them — but this is the why … I am a survivor.

I’m a survivor of more than most can imagine, more than most ever want to know can be real, and more than I want to remember.So remember this when it comes to mental illness stigma and when you use words like “crazy” to describe my challenges — I am a survivor.

What you see when I seizure, have my moments and mental illness behaviors and when my flashbacks are hitting hard – often, it’s my four-year-old self that’s acting out for the help she didn’t get, the 6-year-old trying to voice what she can’t explain, the 9-year-old standing her ground against her abuser, even with the threat of being thrown down the stairs, the 12-year-old that spoke up and regretted every moment of personal invasion and ending the silence afterwards, and the other sexual abusers that followed into my teens because I was already muted by PTSD, shame and rebellion.

I’m done with stigma. I’m done with shame. I’m done with silence.


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