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As Seen On Facebook | Y’all know I’m an advocate for medicinal marijuana… via Eve Reiland

Y’all know I’m an advocate for medicinal marijuana … and yet, I’m going to tell you it’s not without risks if you or your family have a history of mental illness.

It’s been my lived-experience with friends … many who have similar diagnosis, different than mine, aren’t able to use cannabis because it triggers a psychotic break.

No fucking joke. NO joke. it’s serious as all get out and to have a person needing help immediately, intensely and not knowing wtf is happening … scary. scary. scary.

I see many parents advocating the use of cannabis on their autistic kids …

and that worries me greatly. If you have no idea, real idea, about mental illness — what the hell you going to do if this happens with your autistic kid?

Who’s going to help you figure out wtf and help your child too? How long will it take parents to not blame the autism and realize it’s a bad reaction to cannabis?

Autistics have a lot of co-morbidities, and many of us benefit greatly from cannabis as medicine.

I’m one of those autistics. The pain of chronic illness and sensory overload is unbearable — every moment of every fucking day I’m in severe pain. Without cannabis to help me manage it … there’s nothing that helps me like this. Nothing, and I’ve been on bottles of prescriptions before …

Other Autistics have had terrible reactions to cannabis it and avoid it.

It doesn’t work with their wiring and bring relief or any help, rather causes discomfort and other unwanted reactions.

Throw in a co-morbidity of mental illness …

Seriously, are you prepared for this risk? Are you prepared to even recognize it?

Please think before going off willy nilly treating “autism” in your kids — cannabis is not good for all brains.

It’s excellent for many brains.

And some brains get hit with a psychotic break, and maybe need years of healing to recover from the episode.

Please think. Use wisely. Find better information than mom groups promoting it as the “savior” … sigh.

Eve Reiland


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