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Google News Alert for: autism | Circa Mar 7, 2009

Sat, Mar 7, 2009, 8:49 PM | Google News Alert for: autism

One of a kind — autistic and epileptic
The Bloomington Alternative – Bloomington,IN,USA
by Steven Higgs Nila Sunday, left, and Katie Wolfe reminisce about their son and brother Keith Inman, who began showing undiagnosed symptoms of autism in 
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Put autism in high risk pool
Muskogee Daily Phoenix – Muskogee,OK,USA
The 22 senators are upset, as they should be, that ED often is provided coverage by insurance companies, but families with autistic children were not able 
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Autism Awareness Cruise Announced
E-Portage – Ravenna,OH,USA
The first cruise will be an “Autism Awareness Cruise”. Inspired by the outcry surrounding the Sky Walker story in Portage County, Ohio, the cruise will be 
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Autism Speaks Does Not Speak For Me – Boston,MA,USA
This is the first year since the passage of the CAA that direct funding for autism has been included in the President’s budget proposal. 
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Autism seminar reviews early signs, teaching techniques
York Daily Record – York,PA,USA
By TERESA McMINN On the eve of an appointment to take her two-year-old son Connor to the Kennedy Krieger Institute where he would be evaluated for autism
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Closure threat to autism school
BBC News – UK
A school for children and teenagers with autism could close with the loss of 120 specialist teaching jobs. Autism West Midlands is reviewing the long-term 
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A young boy with autism has inspired Roanoke College to take on a – Roanoke,VA,USA
Roanoke College is holding a fundraiser to help autistic children in our area, and they need your help raising money. A young boy with ties to the college, 
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Finding Perspective as an Autism Parent: First, Put on Your Own 
About – News & Issues – New York,NY,USA
I wanted to be sure that readers see it, as I think it’s a wonderfully grounded perspective on parenting and autism. Emergency professionals are taught that 
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Campaigners’ joy at autism ‘victory’
Basingstoke Gazette – Basingstoke,England,UK
By David Connop Price » FAMILIES affected by autism were given a boost when Parliament agreed to pursue a bill improving the recording of information on the 
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It’s Official: Pediatricians + Autism = Clueless
Age of Autism – Trumbull,USA
By Kelli Ann Davis According to a current article in Pediatrics, “Medical Homes for Children With Autism: A Physician Survey” (HERE), most pediatricians 
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Google Blogs Alert for: autism

Autism Blog – » Blog Archive » Autism And Divorce
By Do’C 
“But so far as I can tell, having researched the topic in all the usual places plus a few more (personal connections to reearchers in the autism community), there is no basis for these claims.” 
Left Brain/Right Brain –
Media dis&dat: ASAN protests Lindt Chocolates-Autism Speaks 
By BA Haller 
Recently, Lindt Chocolates announced a fundraising campaign for Autism Speaks, an organization that excludes autistic people themselves from its decision-making, uses offensive and unethical advertising tactics based on fear and pity 
Media dis&dat –
Nick’s Law & Autism Legislation in Oklahoma: Put autism in high 
By Wayne Rohde 
In the last two years, supporters pressing for mandatory coverage of autism by insurance companies have not been able to get a bill out of legislative committees because of Republican opposition. The state GOP claim is that the cost of 
Nick’s Law & Autism Legislation… –
Clean Up our Vaccines: Government again concedes vaccines cause autism
By Wayne Rohde 
Generation Rescue, Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey’s Los Angeles-based non-profit autism organization, today announced that the United States Government has once again conceded that vaccines cause autism. The announcement comes on the 
Clean Up our Vaccines –
Autism Summer Camps in 2009 – you health
By sky 
Saturday, March 7, 2009. Finding a summer camp for your child with autism may take time but there are a wide variety of overnight and day camps tailored towards individuals with autism
you health –

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