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If so much as a penny goes to Autism Speaks, count me out. | Message From The Archives 2008

Sun, May 4, 2008, 10:55 AM | Comment Left On Blog

abfh has left a new comment on your post “Beyond April: Blogging and raising money for autis…“: 

If so much as a penny goes to Autism Speaks, count me out.

They are funding research to develop a prenatal test and expect to do so by 2015, as discussed by one of their leading researchers, Dr. Joseph Buxbaum, in an interview on

(note: the group NAAR, mentioned in the article, merged into Autism Speaks)

Alison Tepper Singer, a vice-president of Autism Speaks, publicly fantasized about murdering her child in the Autism Every Day film; two Autism Speaks directors, Harry and Laura Slatkin, said that they wished their child would drown in their backyard pond. See the Autism Speaks: Don’t Speak for Us Petition to read more about that.

Suzanne Wright, founder of Autism Speaks, said in a January 2008 interview with Parade Magazine that her goal is to “eradicate” autism.

In short: Autism Speaks is a hate group masquerading as a charity.

I suggest contributing to The Autism Acceptance Project, a charity that promotes acceptance of, and accommodations for, autistic people in society. 

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