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Google Alert – autism | Circa Sun, Jan 13, 2013

Sun, Jan 13, 2013, 8:51 PM | Google Alert – autism

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Autism, Breast Cancer, and the Changing Miss America Pageant
Daily Beast
The 92-year-old competition has struggled to reclaim its significance, but enthusiasm for a handful of inspiring contestants—one with autism, another bravely taking on breast cancer—prove that the pageant is far from dead, writes Kevin Fallon. Like 
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Daily Beast
Autism: Its Impact And Reality
CBS Local
PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The impact and reality of autism is still a mystery to many people, but in our region, there are people who are trying to get a better understanding and take direct action as well. One of the challenges of autism is trying to make 
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CBS Local
Moving Up: Jacquie Nicholson of Palm Beach Autism Speaks
Palm Beach Post
The Boca Raton woman also has a personal connection to autism, a complex brain disorder that often inhibits a person’s ability to communicate or respond to surroundings, and relationships with others. She has a grown daughter who is autistic. In 
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Alabama roller girls gather for Iron Roll Autism Benefit in Montgomery on
Enlarge Amber Acker | Around 50 roller girls from across the state strapped on their roller skates and took to the rink on Jan. 12, 2013, at the third annual Iron Roll Autism Benefit in Montgomery. Iron Roll in Montgomery 2013 gallery (15 
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New approach to autism available in Southlake
Plano Star Courier
New Year! New You! The inspiration is everywhere. Yet for families coping with the often overwhelming challenges of autism, Asperger’s syndrome and other developmental disorders, the promise of progress in 2013 requires more than a hopeful resolve.
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Exceptional Minds Vocational School Receives Autism Speaks Grant for Job 
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
Exceptional Minds Vocational School Receives Autism Speaks Grant for Job Development Program Preparing Young Adults on the Spectrum for Careers in Computer Animation. PRWeb. Published 11:00 pm, Saturday, January 12, 2013. Tweet · Comments (0) 
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Valley View’s Autism Room Explores Senses
Anyone entering the Valley View School District 365U Autism Sensory Room at Kenneth L. Hermansen Elementary School in Romeoville is immediately welcomed with a kind smile and the calming smell of lavender. The lights are off and relaxing sounds drift 
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If Autism Experts Were In Charge of Flu Epidemic
Age of Autism
If Autism Experts Were In Charge of Flu Epidemic. Blue flu Managing Editor’s Note: Imagine if Susan Hyman, Nancy Minshew and Paul Offit turned their “talents” to the flu….. Here’s Katie Wright’s take on the idea. By Katie Wright. Don’t Be Selfish 
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Staten Island’s GRACE Foundation helps kids with autism disorders learn to
STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. – Debra was an extremely shy little girl, diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder, which is on the Autism Spectrum. Debra refused to leave her home; her family was unable to attend family functions because she could not 
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Villa Rotana, Rimal Rotana and Rihab Rotana team visit Dubai Autism Centre
AME Info
From her side, Sara Baker Community Service Unit of Dubai Autism Centre: “In fact I want to thank Villa, Rihab and Rimal Rotana team for their wonderful initiative and visit to Dubai Autism Centre as it made a real difference to our children. Such 
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AME Info
Blogs2 new results for autism
Congratulations to Kim Stagliano of Age of Autism… – Respectful 
By Orac
…you’ve received some well-deserved recognition! I can’t think of a more deserving up-and-coming antivaccine activist to be inducted into this most “prestigious” of groups of American Loons! I’ve written about Stagliano’s science- and 
Idea- autistic game development label – Games and Video Games
Wrong Planet – Aspergers and Autism Community.  Shameful – Autism in France – Trailer Released I have an idea, would anyone be interested in setting up the first autistic games development company with me? Of course it would have to 
Wrong Planet Asperger / Autism Forums
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Brain imaging study points to microglia as autism biomarker —
Rainbow bright: The brain of an individual with autism (bottom) shows more activated microglia than a control brain does (top). Microglia, brain cells that are part…/brain-imaging-study-points-to-microglia-as-…
Miss America Contestant Diagnosed With Autism
Miss America Contestant Diagnosed With Autism Miss Montana, Alexis Wineman, becomes…/Miss-America-Contestant-Diagnosed-Wi…

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