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To find truth in a statistic, sometimes you need to apply autistic attention to detail, autistic bluntness, autistic logic, autistic dispassion, autistic focus.

Fact 1:

The CDC does not directly obtain these statistics themself. They fund specialists, epidemiologists — very special statistical and medical scientists, grouped as the ADDM (Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network) to sample, collate, deliver them, and comment too.

Fact 2:

Very few places in the USA are sites monitored by ADDM to obtain such a statistic. 11 communities totalling 8% of the United States population of 8-year-olds are surveyed using various means.

Previous work has shown that, by this age, most autistic children have been identified for services, they claim. Most?

Hmmm. Did you notice that might have excluded you at 8 years of age? What do you think the statistic would be if those not receiving either diagnoses or services were included? Double?

Fact 3:

Some states, like relatively poorly educated Alabama, have more ignorance floating about, deeply entrenched, than they have diagnosis or acceptance of autism (1 in 155), and some, like New Jersey have the opposite ratio… but if all states caught up to New Jersey, 1 in 26 would be the current statistic as of 2017.

And that still leaves out the undiagnosed, the misdiagnosed, those refused diagnosis, those not seeking diagnosis or services, and those shuffled off cynically into dead-end diagnoses of Social (Pragmatic) Communication Disorder (doesn’t really exist – it’s political/economic), Avoidant Personality Disorder, etc.

Fact 4:

This is all about counting children, specifically in the USA, and not adults, and excludes children “not known to the system” in just a percentage of localities… and then they try to extrapolate (stretch out from that) a meaningful wider statistic.

Sadly, that’s the best we currently have. But if you think the real occurrence of autistics is greater in society, you’re very very likely not at all wrong.

Fact 5:

Every single child counted in this new statistic, up from 1 in 68 and 1 in 59 before, was either

a) also just as autistic at the time the old statistic was derived (i.e. they were missed, or not diagnosed), or

b) not born yet.

Not one “became” autistic in the intervening period.

Old liars like J B Handley who make huge amounts of money from talking “epidemic”, also know this stuff, but can’t pull themself off the gravy train to admit it.

The number of Autistics is not growing by any other means than at most very slow rates of <<<natural good old-fashioned reproductive progression>>>… by sex.

The statistics are growing by rates of acknowledgement of the facts that come from learning, dispelling ignorance.

~ ʎllɐǝɹƃ uɥoɾ – End Neurophobia Now


Simone Horrocks Anyone ever wonder whether we might even be the majority? Just too busy getting on with our lives to find time to stigmatise the small loud (sometimes scary) group in the playground/staff room/on the bus etc who seem to set the rules? Just a thought …

Cedar Birch Why is the cdc collecting this in the first place? Autism is not a disease

Gracie Anderson Cedar Birch they just collect information on the well being and state of people in various ways. They’re name is a bit misleading, they don’t really do more for diseases than anything else specifically. Otherwise they’d have made a flu vaccine that actually works 🤣

Lora Kane Dec tracks everything, even divorce rates

Melissa Simmonds Âû Following

Amanda Adkins How do you think autism comes about? I have a son diagnosed with autism and I blame the vaccines but now not so sure anymore. So confused and frustrated.

Karen Kitching It’s not vaccines. At the moment evidence supports a genetic element to it at the very least, it often runs in families. Autistic kids are born that way but get diagnosed later, no-one becomes autistic in later life

Hannah Tharp It’s genetic. Sometimes it’s inherited and sometimes it’s a sudden mutation. There’s hundreds of various genes that can cause it too.

Christine Meyer It’s not vaccines. They aren’t 100% sure of the causes (as in plural) but they ARE 100% sure it’s NOT vaccines. This has been proven time and time again.

Jennifer Connors 76% scientist are saying genetics. Look at yourself, look at your spouse, look at your parents, look at your spouses parents. Go take the Raads-r test online.

Vanessa Blevins You don’t need to BLAME anything. Autism is just different neurology. The way we experience the world is just as valid as the neurotypical experience.

Laura Bergman We are born with it. At least three gens on my mom’s side show signs.

Laura Bergman And what Vanessa said. There’s no blame.

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