The National Council on Severe Autism: Severe Vs. Barely Affected Autistics Stigma Sweeping Through News/Media. #ThankYouNot Jill Escher and Alison Singer

Another wave against autistics put out by Jill Escher and Alison Singer. DON’T GET FOOLED FOLKS, this is 100% about $$$$ and controlling research, science, and direction of all that …

While saying we don’t count. And that we don’t support our people. Horrific insults and a lie.

Here we go, the latest wave pretending to separate #ActuallyAutistic into divisions — when we activists fight so hard for the most vulnerable and disabled of our people.


““This particular segment of the autistic population is left behind because of the nature of their disability and the purpose of this organization is to bring a voice to that group that has been left behind because in many cases they have the most severe medical needs, they have very intensive service needs and we have to make sure that we remember them when we are talking about research, services and policies,” Alison Singer told the federal Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee during a meeting this week.

Singer, a member of the federal panel, is the new council’s treasurer and also is the founder and executive director of the Autism Science Foundation.


Jill Escher, Alison Singer, Spark!, and connections to Autism Speaks … though they do differing theories than Generation Rescue, Children Defense Fund and #antivaxxers …

Those two groups battle each other on autism beliefs.

And here we are … autistics … hello … many of us here are non-verbal, disabled, lived in institutions before, and so on.

BUT it doesn’t matter. The response is ALWAYS a. you’re too autistic to have a say b. Your not Autistic enough to matter.







And when the hell have you seen these people out there fighting for the rights of autistics being abused in schools, given electric shock therapy, torn from families and put into institutions, fight restraints and other abuses …

I’ve seen these folks no where when it comes to the fight to get people to STOP BLEACHING their kids, fight for BETTER education, better work supports, BETTER LIFE SUPPORTING SERVICES …So there is HELP when you’re gone.

When it comes to “helping the voiceless” you’ll find Jill Escher and Alison Singer wherever the money flows — and no where out here actually helping autistic people survive. Where are they in the fight that don’t involved a dime in exchange?

Yeah, $$$$$$$$$.

When you’re gone, it’s the Autistic Community that will be the ones watching for safety, health and quality of life

#LightItUpGold #AutisticAndProud #ActuallyAutistic

Source: New Group To Focus On Severe Autism – Disability Scoop


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