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My Newspaper Career To Date | Message From The Archives 2005

Aug 26, 2005, 11:31 AM | Email From Me To Conference Coordinator (my background info was requested)

My newspaper career started with ‘The Rampage’ at Fresno City College in 1996. Before that I was a stay at home mom.

On the college paper I worked on the production team, who did the graphics and page layout. The next year I was promoted to Production manager. When the editorial staff was in a pinch, I’d also write feature stories.

During my second semester with the college paper I learned of an internship opportunity with The Fresno Bee. They were going to launch their news Web site and online calendar that September and were seeking people to help promote them. Over three hundred candidates applied, I was one of the twelve chosen to participate. In December of that year, I was hired for the part-time Content Coordinator position in The Fresno Bee’s New Media department. I managed and edited Web content for’s daily content uploads.

At the end of 1998 I was promoted to full-time and my job duties expanded. I designed, developed and launched the initial community publications of The Fresno Bee;,, and

In 2000 I was promoted to Online Communities Editor. I managed and edited the four weekly and daily online publications. I also worked closely with each of the four newsroom’s editors and reporters to develop, designed and build special online sections.

In April of 2003 I was hired by The Modesto Bee as an Online Content Developer for their Online Services department. I manage the design and development of news content and revenue projects for, and has been named the best newspaper website in California by the California Newspaper Publisher’s Association for 2004. I am currently with

In December of 2003, ten years after the birth of my oldest son Jared, I became a mother for the second time. My youngest son, Craig, joined our family through adoption. I had been dedicating my writing time to a novel but with the adoption I changed gears and started writing essays about our journey.

In April of 2005 my essay “Becoming Craig’s Mother” was published by “Adoptive Families” magazine. A month before that went to print I became one of ten mother’s accepted (out of over 400 who submitted) to write a weekly journal on the web’s most visited parenting site,

Just recently I started writing a mommyblog called “Momologue” (can be found at which is a featured community blog on


April 2002  – Current  The Modesto Bee Modesto, CA

Online Content Developer: Manage the design and development of news content and revenue projects for, and

  • Assist in the research, design and implementation of revenue generating projects.
  • Meet with clients to assist in the business development of new products.
  • Work closely with the newsroom to manage the local daily and late breaking news content, plan for special sections and create budgets for the online staff.
  • Manage the production of online projects and special sections
  • Create content, design and development procedure guidelines

September 2000 – April 2002     The Fresno Bee Fresno, CA

Online Communities Editor: Managed’s four weekly and daily online publications:,, and

  • Designed, developed and launched dynamic versions of each of the four online publications.
  • Oversaw the daily production of, California Central Valley’s only bi-lingual news Web site.
  • Oversaw the daily production and weekly production of, and
  • Worked with community editors and reporters to develop and implement special online sections.
  • Developed procedures and publishing standards for the Web team.
  • Trained new personnel.

1998-2000     The Fresno Bee Fresno, CA

Content Coordinator: Managed and edited Web content for’s daily content uploads.

  • Enhanced daily stories with interactive features.
  • Recruited over 700 organizations for the Community Calendar.
  • Worked with Web designer and content developer to create special Web-only sections.
  • Operated live online conferences.
  • Acted as an on-call troubleshooter for any and all publishing problems.
  • Designed, developed and launched initial community publications in the Story Server publishing system:,, and

1996/1997     The Fresno Bee Fresno, CA

Intern: Launched initial version of’s Community Calendar.

  • Worked with teams of interns to develop initial core of 250 calendars for community groups.
  • Developed outreach programs and presentations to educate calendar users on how to access and use calendar Web page tools.


  • 2004, The Dottie Award for Media,
  • 2003, Department of the Year, Online Services
  • 2003, Publisher’s Award, Employee of the Month
  • 2001, Nancy Dickerson Whitehead Award, online edition of A Madness Called Meth
  • 2001, Digital Edge Award, A Madness Called Meth
  • 2001, Presidents Award, A Madness Called Meth
  • 2000, Presidents Award, bi-lingual Farmworker Forum with Dean Florez


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