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I am Gleek! | Message From The Archives 2009

Fri, Oct 9, 2009, 11:38 AM | From My Journal

Ever felt like you didn’t quite belong? I’m talking about high school and beyond.

Myself? I always find I’m on the edge of cliques. I make friends but never quite, truly become a full-fledged whateveritis member of the group.

Know what I’m talking about? Meh?

OK, here’s an example: I can be nerdy. Some subject will grab my attention and I go gaga for the facts, data and information. Then I spew them back out to anyone who’ll listen, or at least pretend.

(Sorry old co-workers, I know you really didn’t want a recitation of the Black Death from a purple-haired, boot-wearing cashier.)

Notice how I added the y to nerd? That’s because I’m not smart enough to qualify for full-fledged membership. Tap at my pseudo-nerd crust and the whole sandwich falls apart.

A true master would be able to share more facts and calculations related to and beyond the original subject. If you watch “Criminal Minds,” think of Dr. Spencer Reid. Understand now? So, at best, all I can do is be a nerd groupie.

Same situation goes for geeks. I can monkey web sites together and blog, but that’s not enough to get into their club. I can’t hack, crack, attack or connect a network. I don’t code Ajax, Perl or even COBOL.

There’s also my lack of being edgy and tech-hip to skyrocket the ‘cool’ status. Alas, I can only dream … in vivid color of football players who dance and sing and happy babies who harmonize and wiggle with glee …

I mean Glee.

No … I mean, yes. Here, it should be more like this:


Look at my fingers in the shape of an L on my forehead baby.

I am “Glee” Fan! There, I said it.

(For those of you who don’t know, “Glee” is a new show on Fox where teachers, parents and students alike are quirky, eccentric and cool in the way famous people are in retrospect by the classmates who bullied them and now try to bask in the spillage of their celebrity glory — Oh, and they sing.)

When I watched the premier, the show seemed promising. By the third episode, I was in love. Sweet, sweet love.

And the fourth? OMG, watch this …

and this …

Something happened between the oh oh oh oh’s and hair-tossing dips. I’m not sure if bells rang and angels got wings or if Lassie finally found her way home, but some magic happened and I became a Gleek.

No, not this kind of gleek.

I have now transcended beyond time and space, cliques and groupies to become a full-fledged, off-key singing and proselytizing fan of “Glee.”

I am Gleek with a new side dish of love for Beyonce.

I. Just. Can’t. Get. Enough!

Now that you know … will you still respect me in the morning?

If so, the fun doesn’t stop. Check these video spoofs of Beyonce’s video and song.

Justin Timberlake putting a ring on it.

Babies putting a ring on it.

Obama putting a ring on it.

Some … guy putting a ring on it. (Warning: NSFA)

And me, if I was to put a ring on it.

Oh, oh ohhh oh oh Ouch!


By Eve Reiland

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