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Born at 34 weeks (and autism awareness bloggers update) | Message From The Archives 2009

Circa 2009 | From My Journal

Our daughter was born March 9th at 34 weeks gestation. She weighed 3 pounds, 14 ounces and was 17 inches in length.

She spent 2 weeks in the NICU before coming home. We are so thrilled to be her parents and very relieved she is doing so well. The boys are in love with her too.

My last, badly spelled entry, was posted from my cellphone at the hospital. I was already mostly out of my mind. How that’s different from most days? Well, it was a different kind of loopy. This time induced by drugs (the dreaded magnesium) and illness.  

When time, sleep deprivation and cohesive thought permits, I’m working on the series post ‘A Mother of a Birth Story.’  It will start with being admitted into the antepartum floor and end with my daughter being discharged from the NICU. Unlike my other series, I’ll post this one once completely done (not as I write it). So it might be another while yet.

 April is Autism Awareness month.

Last year a fantastic group of bloggers came together and blogged towards awareness together.

Our efforts were noticed by the editor, David Mastio,  of and a special autism section was created to keep the group’s work connected all year long.

Not only that, Mastio offered the revenue of the section’s top ad spot to a charity of our choice. Three organizations were accepted by the group: Autism Bites & Rocks & Bounces & Yells, Autism Research Institute, The Autism Acceptance Project.

About six months ago I received the first check from

My thought was to create a poll and have a vote on which organization it should go to. Due to various reasons (read above) that was delayed. I’ve decided to instead send it to the first organization listed and then send the next check to the next organization listed and so on for the third.

I had hoped to renew the efforts this April with daily posts and featured bloggers similar to last year. Life had other plans. However, the other bloggers still continue — visit and read, read, read!

New bloggers are being added all the time. For those of you who have emailed wanting to participate — thank you for your patience.

I will get my derriere in gear soon and get your blog added. If you think you’ve been overlooked beat me with a stick feel free to zap me another email.

If you’d like your blog to be considered (or want to know more about this whole gig) read this and then email me.

And since I’m here, any suggestions for switching a newborn’s hours from night to day?


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