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Getting Settled In To The New Place | Message From The Archives 2006

Mon, Mar 6, 2006, 1:42 PM | Email From Teacher To Me

Howdy!  How are things going for Jared at his new school? 

I talked to a friend of mine who is an admin. In that dist, and he said he would be on the look out for Jared. How is your new house etc.  I miss hearing from you.

Mon, Mar 6, 2006, 3:32 PM | Email From Me To Teacher

Oh it’s great. I’m back to work today. It’s been crazyyyyyyyyyyy with the move. So much harder when there’s little ones involved.

I was gone a week before the move too in Florida for a fellowship. Don’t ever want to move again lol. 

Jared was enrolled last Friday and will be starting Wednesday.

They are putting him in something called Impact class. Instead of seven classes and seven teachers he’ll have three.

I think the main courses will be with one teacher and the electives and PE will be with others.

They have an after school thing too. It’s first come first serve, I just sent in his papers today so hopefully he’ll get in. It’s tutoring/activies/etc. I think we’re all surviving a bit of homesickness from the first week.

I think we felt like guests on vacation at this place – just really bad ones because we brought sooooo much luggage ;).

Otherwise the house is great. It’s two story and much bigger than our last one. It’s so strange to have so much room to stretch about. Though you’ll find us all piled into one room many times anyways. 😉 

I’ve not fully unpacked Jared’s room yet — try to do that this week.

Maybe we’ll find that book!

He did get a hair cut, it’s so much shorter now and cool. Hehe, you can see his ‘cool’ face below (hopefully) …(photo not included here)


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