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Ch-ch-ch changes | Message From The Archives 2006

Feb 13, 2006, 11:47 AM | From My Journal

Well folks it looks like we’re moving again. Not real far though.

Just closer to work, stores and, you know, people. We’re moving back into civilization. 

We’ve outgrown our current home. Loved it when we moved in. It’s cute, quaint and cozy. It’s on the edge of a small town; our across-the-street neighbors are horses, cows, bison and goats. 

My husband and I have moved so many times (about every two years on average) we’ve got the pack it up, move it out thing down. Already I’ve penned contents and location on full cardboard boxes. My husband tapes them shut with the sticky-tape-gun thingy. I can’t quite make it work right, so he does all the taping.

It’s true, I’ll miss the ponies and I’ll miss the ability to view open space out my front window. I won’t miss the wind changing directions and the scent of manure. The ‘World’s Largest Cheese Factory’ is not too far from us. It takes a lot of cows to make happen. 

Jared seems excited about the change (instead of devastated) and Craig doesn’t say much other than “de deee de” when I talk to him about it.

I’m guessing that’s his ‘what ever just get me some milk’ speech.

The past few days Jared has taken to my old camera. He’s going to help me photoblog the move. So keep a look out for our ‘on the move again’ entries. 


By Eve Reiland

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