Church Protests Tower District Community, Culture & Residents From Inside The Tower Theater. Still No Outreach? | #SaveTowerTheater

For the first time ever, I felt unsafe on the sidewalk in front of Tower Theater. That and really uncomfortable then sad.

Eve Reiland, Autistic Activist, artist, writer & Tower District Resident.

The outreach by the church who’s used the theater has been nil that I can find. Their interaction with this community even less. Unless the security guard at the front, and the security people at the entrances to the parking lot count … or the community police officers on bikes circling about …. who also didn’t communicate to anyone there either.

For these folks who have a website that says a building doesn’t make a church, the people do — they sure are hellbent on planting their “seed church” in the business zone of the arts and culture district. There are many buildings that are available that won’t harm the heart, soul and future of the Tower District with zoning changes and issues.

Earlier on Sunday, on a Facebook video, the preacher of the church said they were going to ‘protest inside.’ Yes, they were going to protest inside the Tower Theater while using the stage and auditorium for their services. How privileged.

These folks are ‘protesting’ from the very stage many of our Tower neighbors have worked on and with to bring the arts, theater, music and much more to this community. These are the same folks who currently can’t perform on that stage and earn an income due to COVID regulations, and they are doing their part to be a good community partner and help slow the spread of COVID. In stark contrast, the members of the church, many without masks, mingled among each other in and around the theater, and on the stage.

So these people from the church are ‘protesting inside’ from the very stage in the Tower Theater that the folks gathered outside in a peaceful demonstration, are barred from using for the good of the community. They are unable to earn an income, put food on the table, pay the rent, get their family medical care, or provide their basic necessities, because venues such as the Tower Theater, and others, that provide for entertainment have been closed by order of the State (churches, as well).





Peaceful Gathering To #SaveTowerTheater

Event: Sunday, January 17 | Click here for more info.

Support the cause and sign the letter to Save The Tower District | Click here for more info.

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