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What is lazy anyways? Avoidance of something unpleasurable? | Message From The Archives | Circa 2005

Feb 23, 2005, 5:03 PM | Email To Friend

I just talked to this place – they are helping me now! They are sending me a sample of an IEP letter, explained the laws and timelines for the school, will even go with me as an extra ear to the IEP meeting.

Said if the district said he didn’t qualify I could
request a second outside opinion from Fresno Diagnostic Center – and
if that didn’t qualify him for anything int he school district civil
rights law says he can have a 504 plan (which modifies his school
stuff to fit his needs somehow).

They have an afterschool program and other programs. The parents there
have children from many areas – none specifically with hyperlexia, but
some with autism. Their called Challenged Family Resource Center.

What a relief.

Feb 23, 2005, 5:17 PM | Email To Friend

what is lazy anyways?  avoidance of something unpleasureable? 

jared ‘shuts down’ a lot.

not so obvious as it used to be – he’s gotten better. At least he’s
not on the floor, limp, blocking out the entire world.

People used to tell me I was overprotective, didn’t let him run free enough. I
realize I wasn’t – I was just doing what he needed from me.

I’m so different with Jared’s brother, because he is so different. He needs from me some similar things, but in really different ways.

it’s so strange – in some ways having my youngest really puts everything into perspective.

there was always this underlying feeling somehow, because we were
young and not mature enough, their Dad and I messed Jared up somehow.

Like it was our fault he shut down and did certain things. because of
the divorce or the years we had big issues between his dad and I.

with my youngest we realize – jared is jared. he’s wired different our
mistakes didn’t make him have those issues.

Rather a lot of things I did, what others saw as overprotective, was helping him deal with social situations. It wasn’t until school started that how differently wired jared is made itself known.

some kids cry when their parents leave – jared cried, shut down and
hid under the table for the first three months of preschool.

I saw it as an issue of me not socializing him enough, not having him around kids more, not making stronger rules or having stricter schedules.

He was already reading really well. He got into kindergarten, they taught
him the alphabet and he was reading charolettes web. He didn’t
comprehend it i dont think though.

It was his love for words and numbers and patterns.

First grade the teacher let him sit in the corner and read all day – that was his school day. The kids were starting to pick on him already, he didnt tell me.

He wet his pants before lunch two weeks in a row. I thought it was the divorce. Lunch time stressed him out. He couldn’t handle social pressures or make friends.

I’m venting, sorry.

Feb 23, 2005, 5:26 PM | Email From Me To Friend

I remember the first time Jared went into Mimi’s restaurant and you asked him what he wanted. He didn’t’ know.

I was terrified – that could have sent him into a tantrum, then shut down just thinking about something he wanted in a new place.

But you were immediately in his inner circle.

Haven’t seen that before or since. another time I believe you finally
convinced him to have ice cream. that was hilarious with the whip

he still talks about Pat pulling a table cloth? or napkin? I don’t
remember it but he does.


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