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Thinking, Drinking and Pills – Jake Allen Sharp

I had a prescription had its restriction said the machines I should not operate.

Good pain from contusion it caused some confusion I read the warning a little too late.

I was on a forklift driving down the highway on my way to Burger King

I saw the bluelights, patrol of the highway, and I began to sing

I wasn’t speeding, I was just reading the back of the bottle of pills

I wasn’t drinking, I was just thinking, how easy this bottle spills

This is a demonstration, no need for citation, I was just teaching all of these folks

This is education, those on medication should always stay away from the Po Po

Sir you don’t need handcuffs, I think I have taught enough, can you just let me leave

Behind me there is a line. Me? Impaired? No, I’m fine. Could I have extra ketchup please?

Source: Thinking, Drinking and Pills – Jake Allen Sharp

By Eve Reiland

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