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Scientology ‘Preacher’ reveals Obi-Wan Kenobi plans … | How Did This Cult Get So Much Influence? … via Eve Reiland

“A SCIENTOLOGY leader has launched a search to find a real-life Obi-Wan Kenobi.”

Goodness, I couldn’t make this stuff up. And I’m horrified. How did these people use the influence on the anti-science, anti-psychiatry, anti-autistic movements?

How did they get into every branch of politics … slightly different focuses, but still all the same patterns. Scientology, Nation of Islam and now Baptist are pushing this anti-science, antivaxxer bs health stuff.

While everyone is arguing vaccines — anyone thought about why? Who benefits the most from this argument?

More importantly, who is funding this argument????

… because believe me there’s billions invested in this argument — including paid bots in russia to push it. The money behind this is unfuckingbelievable.

The money behind fighting the misinformation of vaccines is nill. I don’t see the CDC, WHO, GAVI or anyone else helping us fight this. They are crickets in this with advocacy.

The fight is with a handful of doctors and autistics and some grassroots facebook groups. Where’s the help?

So, all political parties have been guilty of pushing some version of this anti-autistic/anti-science bs, from eugenics to epidemic.

Who benefits from outbreaks the most? And why? You know, we worry about terrorists doing something to harm the population in a viral way … and yet, they don’t have to if we’re convinced to avoid preventing contagious diseases. …

You know, once the population is at a certain percentage of un-vaccinated, none of us are safe, even if fully vaccinated … is how I understand it.

And hey, do you know Scientology has already pulled off the largest infiltration of the US government in the past?

So they’ve already done this … and have had time to do it again … so before the parroting picks up on anti-science etc, who are you parroting for?

Who’s using you?

#antivaxxers #scientology #actuallyautistic


Source: Scientology EXPOSED: ‘Preacher’ reveals Obi-Wan Kenobi plans | Daily Star

By Eve Reiland

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