As Seen On Facebook | International Badass Activists Review: With no experience raising autistic children she proceeds to act like she stands up for childrens rights but is only exploiting autism mothers …


Eva Lindblad doesn’t recommend International Badass Activists.

January 4 at 8:18 AM · 

with no experience raising autistic children she proceeds to act like she stands up for childrens rights but is only exploiting autism mothers for readers on her terrible blog. what a fake!4 Comments

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Melanie Merritt

Melanie Merritt Curious what makes you think she has no experience raising autistic children?3ManageLike · Reply · 4d

Rosa Tremaine

Rosa Tremaine You do realize Eve is an autistic mother to autistic kids right???3ManageLike · Reply · 4d

Eva Lindblad

Eva Lindblad Obviously not if she doesn’t know how to raise them correctly and thinks she can pick on other mothers about how they choose to raise their kids and then call them out because they’re having a stressful time raising them you keep believing she’s Miss Perfect over there everything comes out one day and Karma always comes back aroundManageLike · Reply · 4dHide 11 Replies

Melanie Merritt

Melanie Merritt why do you think she doesn’t know how to raise them correctly?1ManageLike · Reply · 4d

Eva Lindblad

Eva LindbladMelanie Merritt anyone who has more than enough time to pick on other mothers venting about their disabled child needs to go spend more time with their own childrenManageLike · Reply · 4d

Melanie Merritt

Melanie Merritt Hmm. Perhaps people who have a lot of time to pick on a mother who is advocating to stop abusive practices towards autistic children (EVE) should go spend some more time with their own children too. Btw do you think this is just “having a stressful time raising them?” Because this is sick. Just sick, from the same group: DalmayneNovember 20, 2018 · 

Don’t ever do this, this is abuse.

In a meltdown you are at your most vulnerable, the world is ending and your flight or fight has kicked in.

You are hurting, s…See More1Like · Reply · 4d

Melanie Merritt

Melanie Merritt and if you can’t see that post, maybe you can see this one: or this photo of it. “Now I just say hot sauce!” Sounds like ‘venting.’ 😐Manage1Like · Reply · 4d

Eva Lindblad

Eva LindbladMelanie Merritt so it’s abuse because she put a drop of hot sauce which is something most people eat by the way three times on her child’s mouth? I’m sorry but I think that feeding your kid meds is more abusive then hot sauce but again that’s my opinionManageLike · Reply · 4d

Melanie Merritt

Melanie Merritt Eva Lindblad “most people” who eat hot sauce aren’t children, “most people” aren’t children with sensory issues, many of whom will never be able to tolerate hot sauce. 
Putting hot sauce in an autistic child’s mouth as a discipline tactic? Sick. Full stop.1ManageLike · Reply · 4d

Eva Lindblad

Eva LindbladMelanie Merritt that’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it wonderful but it’s not your kid and I know a lot of kids autistic that eat hot sauce your grouping them together into a box that they’re all the same it’s the one thing that all autistic parents fight to make everybody else realize they’re not the same no two autistic people are the sameManageLike · Reply · 4d

Melanie Merritt

Melanie Merritt 
Pretty sure if the kid ate hot sauce already it wouldn’t be a punishment, would it? So they were going for the child’s unpleasant reaction to a stimulus they didn’t like (hot sauce). Wonder why they filed abuse charges against these THREE teachers then if it isn’t abusive? 🤷🏻‍♀️…/teacher-accused…/113035828. (AND)…/fla…/story%3fid=21200322. (AND) ……/teacher-spikes-autistic-student’s-soda-with-hot-sauce/amp/. Wouldn’t you be outraged if a teacher did this to your child? But it’s a.o.k to do it yourself?

See MoreManageWSOCTV.COMTeacher accused of using hot sauce to discipline autistic…1Like · Reply · 4d

Eva Lindblad

Eva LindbladMelanie Merritt because they’re not the parents of the childManageLike · Reply · 4d

Melanie Merritt

Melanie Merritt So from their loving parents, hot sauce used on a child is a ok 👌. Good thing I’m seeing my mother today, I can thank her for not being sadistic, creepy and cruel- therefore leaving me with the impression that it’s ok to do to my own kids.1ManageLike · Reply · 4d

Eva Lindblad

Eva LindbladMelanie Merritt 
Eva Lindblad Melanie Merritt no two children are the same no two people are the same nothing is going to work on everybody so I’m glad that your parents punishments work for you and your children but it doesn’t always work for other people some are down to the end of their wire trying everything they know possible and it still won’t work what do you suggest for those people that they just give their kid up to some group home instead of trying everything that they know MoreManageLike · Reply · 3d

International Badass Activists

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Kassi Myers

Kassi Myers Maybe people that have no experience actually being autistic should just shut the fuck up?!? Let’s start with this sanctimonious thunder cunt named Eva.2ManageLike · Reply · 4d

Eva Lindblad

Eva LindbladKassi Myers first of all nice name-calling shows your class second of all I raised an autistic child alone my whole life and he went from nonverbal to we’re now most people don’t even know he’s autistic unless I tell them and do you know why it’s through hard work vigilance and discipline I don’t give up on my child I work very hard to have him where he is today so you can call me whatever you want but the truth is I was even asked to give seminars to other mothers that just let their kids sit in front of an iPad all day1ManageLike · Reply · 4d

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