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As Seen On Facebook | Comments On: I Wish I Never Had A Child

Caitlyn Stewart I think the one thing I’m most confused by, is did you and your husband join the private, CLOSED community to troll and exploit? That seems illegal, and if not, it’s definitely immoral. There is no place for hatred your spewing to a woman at her lowest. How dare you prey on the battered, broken, and hurting mothers who want nothing but the world for their child, it is evidenced in her descriptions of selflessness she permeates with her explanations. She is tired, she is likely met with artificial support like you and your “activism.” I’m so very sorry that you are at a point in your own self worth that exploiting private and maybe her last desperate attempts at connection, understanding, and appreciation she deserves is what you choose to spend your time doing.

Kate England I’m sure you are TOO COWARD to approve this comment on your blog so I will leave it here…where I’m sure you will delete it. Shame on you.

  • Manina MacAloney How horrible for you to screenshot a mother’s private struggle to put on blast on your website and Facebook page, along with her photo!! That is definitely not what activism is all about. Where is your compassion? Did you try to help this mother, or simply judge her from your high and mighty chair?
Julie Johnson Haden

Julie Johnson Haden I’m sickened and disgusted with your actions Eve Reiland. Why do you think it is ok to share their personal and private posts?? Seriously… Why do you think this is ok?

Caitlin Orciuch McEachern The author of this website is a terrible human being. Shame on the author. As a mom, we have really shitty days. You have prayed upon a mama in one of her dark moments. I hope the author does not have children and never does. This type of behavior shouldn’t be passed down. Yvonne, the mamas of the world stand with you. You are not alone. Please don’t feel guilty for your comments. EVERY mother has them at some point and you felt you were in a safe place to share.

Kate England

Kate England Caitlin Orciuch McEachern sadly based on her profile pic it seems She does have children.Delete or hide this

Caitlin Orciuch McEachern

Caitlin Orciuch McEachern it is sad. She perpetuates cyber bullying. That poor mother. She just needed a safe place.

Jae Ferebee Maedler I commented on your blog, Eve, but I’m sure you will not allow it to post. So I will post it here.

  • Lisa White Opert What a vile person to post someone’s emotional vent after YEARS of struggle. How dare you judge her for her honest feelings, feelings that many of us have had from time to time and feel guilty about. Being a mom is hard, being a mom of a child with severe autism is exhausting emotionally, socially, physically. For someone who says they are an activist, you are not. You are a bully, a coward, and an all around ass.

  • Brittany Reed Eve Reiland incase you delete my comment on this same post you had made here it is again. 

    You repost and rant on what is being done wrong within society but you offer no change. You are involved in a group where parents can vent their day but you offer no help, advice, or guidance. Instead, you bash these amazing people, caregivers, and parents over the internet. You rape them of their safe space. You are no activist, you are just a disgusting and disrespectful cyber bully.

Kerry Simmons Robbers This is disgusting. Screenshots of a mother who is struggling and venting in a PRIVATE support group, and sharing publicly to shame her. The only person that should be shamed is YOU Eve Reiland! You are an absolute disgrace.

  • Charlie Curtis-Guevara How dare you pose as someone who cares and is looking for the confidential support of others only to then turn and betray and publicly shame mamas who need a safe place to vent! (I did notice the theme of hateful, closed minded posting that you tend to lean heavily towards as well.)

    As the parent of a child on the high end of the spectrum, I will be notifying the National Autism Association of your abusive behavior towards other parents. You are the problem, offering no guidance or solutions. You are the prime example of what drives parents into isolation, afraid to seek help from anyone. Shame on you!

    Yvonne, you are not alone. Having a child ANYWHERE on the spectrum is f*ing hard as hell! I am so sorry that she did this to you. Please know that for every one Eve Reiland there are 100 mamas who support you and understand.

Megan Goodale What kind of person extracts a post from a private support group and publicly shames her. She was clearly just venting in a “safe” place… Safe until you came along and blew up a support group.
You are an evil poisonous being.

By Eve Reiland

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