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As Seen On Facebook | OMG, really? Well Autistic culture illiteracy is thick with martyrmoms. … via Eve Reiland

OMG, really? Well Autistic culture illiteracy is thick with martyrmoms. I mean I know that, but it’s like wow — they pulled the “let me speak to your manager” bs with John Greally, a founder of The Autistic Cooperative.

He was to give me a scolding for sharing the images. He was to have a talk with me.

Well we did talk.

and LOL’d.

He booted them from our autistic groups.

FFS, we don’t have a hierarchy system like you all do. John Greally would never chide me or lecture as some sort of authority figure … doesn’t work that way here …


Wonder if they all have the same hair bob.

  • Danijela Turner That’s bloody hilarious 🤣. Eve but as an autistic activist there must be some person who is in control of you? Surely? Someone who can scold you? Someone who is in ‘charge’ of you? Fire you? We’ll just message another autistic activist to put you into line. Yeah…nah, as autistic folk we can actually think and operate outside of systematic boxes.
  • John Greally Here to support you Eve, like Bill, like everyone else. You address anti-autism, inhuman behaviours towards autistics, and I ask how can I help, then do.   
  • Callum Brazzo How can you scold someone that’s already a red hot activist!Blazing a community campfire of autisticity!

  • Mads Beresford Are these loony people going to get bored soon? They’ll have to find a different way to propel their victim mommy narrative, this well is gonna run dry.
  • Rosa Tremaine Holy fuck lol that’s awful but so funny
  • Lindsay Mohler John Greally, I don’t know when these martyr moms will stop. A large group like that…. It’s so much for me still.All we keep getting is constant badgering for speaking out and they just don’t know when to stop. It’s heartbreaking.

  • Ryan Hendry This reminds me of the time people constantly went to Kat Humble about me because I pissed them off 😂
    • Kat Humble “The time”? You make it sound like it only happened for a month or so 🙂. Always good for a laugh though!
    • John Greally Pushing hierarchy sh*t on autistics is like using takeaway-shop tongs to pick-up pre-oiled mercury on a grille floor in a hurricane. We are all surprisingly absolute about being our own Boss. Thankfully.
      Kat Humble Oh in Ryan’s case, they were complaining to the organisation he volunteers for. Of course, we’re all sat here laughing and saying “what, so you think we’re going to say anything different?”
  • Kathy Isaacs Âû Sounds like there was some of this going through their head…“Surely Autistic activists can’t be out there in the big world without supervision.”

    “It’s probably not even them doing it, just some disgruntled left-wing snowflake chip-on-their-shoulder type pretending to be Autistic.”

    “If this Eve person can type, they can’t *really* Autistic.”

  • Joseph Redford Fuck hierachy amongst autistic activists and fuck those who try (and largely fail) to impose it.Warrior parents suck too.

    • Pamela Ehn What hierarchy? Please point to where it exists.
  • Evaleen Whelton Have they any idea of the lives they & their kids would be living without Eve & other activists? Jesus….
    • Kathy Isaacs Âû Which would have to be a rhetorical question, because of course they don’t.
    • Evaleen Whelton Kathy I know, when I see stuff like this I find we’re taking 50 steps back for every step forward
    • Danijela Turner Danijela Turner Well, if you read some of their comments on others threads…yes, they are actually questioning if Eve is really autistic. I mean Eve can talk right and she’s not easily subdued into submissiveness (like they probably submit their children to) so not possible that Eve is autistic. Then there are the ones sending PM’s to autistic people targeting them on a one to one basis. Mmmmm…..maybe if I can get this autistic person on their own through private messaging them with abuse, I can obliterate them into submission? Sod off haters of autism (whether that be your child’s autism or otherwise), if you have something to say, say it on these bloody threads in front of all autistics here. Don’t target autistics on their own thinking you will have a better opportunity to manipulate. At least have the integrity and transparency to not hide behind private messaging.
    • Evaleen Whelton Danijela I need to put something together to explain all this, I’m so tired of advocates being ripped apart as if we’re self serving -nothing-else-to-do-people out to ruin ‘severely autistic’ children for some sort of weird warped acceptance for ourselves
  • Jennifer Marie Davis One of them told me I was a bad mother and to go jump off a cliff, lol
  • Robert John Walker Âû Our hierarchy is flat as a pancake…just like the commies that we all are! (Sarcasm)

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