My Son’s Opinion Defines Me, Not Your Hate

So, as I mentioned earlier — MartyrMoms/AutismMomTms opinions and hate spew don’t define me. But you know what does define me … the words of my oldest son about me.

He posted this in a comment after seeing all the bullshit:

“This is the reality these dumb Martyrmoms don’t see.

They don’t see the woman who fought for her children to have the resources they needed to be independent.

They don’t see the damage a horrific event left upon a woman for her to block it out until she hit her 30’s and regress so hard from PTSD that she could hardly speak, and have her world crumble because of it.

But god fucking damn if I’m not going to stand by my mother’s side and hold her up, screaming back at these damned fools for thinking they are better than someone who fought for everything and still lost it all, only to have to build from the ground up all over again in her 40’s.

Your child is Autistic? Cool, good for you, but there are millions of Aspies out there who don’t need your fucking pity party and can do well on their own. What your child needs is room to grow, but they’re not going to if you keep them on a stool to show off so you can get attention.

Sick of this shit”

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