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As Seen On Facebook | More screens sent to me today. … via Eve Reiland

By Eve Reiland

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3 replies on “As Seen On Facebook | More screens sent to me today. … via Eve Reiland”

Let me be clear Eve and all of her followers. What she is doing is spreading hate, lies, and half truths. She attacked a group I am in. She says that we are martyr moms and the like. That our children are the way they are because of the moms hindrances. That is laughable. Absolutely ridiculous. I went to university to achieve and be a productive person. I had to take out hefty loans to do that. Later on, I had my severe son. Who is an AMAZING little boy.I can not pay those loans or have much independence because I care for him. I do everything I can to ensure HE is able to be independent. I do not complain about him. He is brilliant, but I am also UNDERSTANDING of others who have children who are aggressive, mess in their feces, etc. Because I have studied the spectrum, and it is vast. I suggest you do the same instead of acting like autism is one thing. It’s not. There are different abilities, issues, problems that arise. I also have a daughter who is very mild. She has required NO therapies and excels in a regular classroom. She is 15. If I were a “martyrmommy” and hindering my own children then why didnt I do that with her? Because I DIDNT AND IM NOT. Your son is not severe, your son is married. Had he been severe, that union would be illegal and your DIL would be guilty of statutory rape. I used to work with the disabled. And I did not know that was your son that I messaged. I was just asking for an explanation from a grown man who was throwing insults. I said nothing wrong but the truth. Prior to that, I messaged you. Which you did not reply and i doubt you will reply to this. I see where your own followers are questioning you. And rightfully so. You see ladies and gentlemen, it is she that is calling names and spreading lies. If you Eve had a problem with an individual that stated something on the group, be an adult and message said person about it or post it on their post even. All this backhandedness is really unbecoming. And this murder talk…..COME ON….if you were honestly afraid for any of the children then do something about it!! Contact the proper authorities with your concerns!! Otherwise, you are just as much at fault for knowing said abuse is occurring and doing nothing. But that’s not the case. Instead you are preying on exhausted parents who are doing all they can and they felt it was a safe place to bitch. And that’s it. Kind of like a diary. We all look back later and realize hey, that was rough, but it was manageable. Shame on you. Shame on you for your lies and hypocrisy.



Eve is under no requirement to respond to your baiting keyboard vomit.

The only thing Eve has ever done here, is copy your group’s own words. That’s literally it. No attacks, no hate, no demeaning of autistic children. You all did that and now you are reading it. Your anger should be directed at your own words.

How dare you involve her family and throw out terms like statutory rape. I hope you hear yourself. I hope you have accountability for that.

A friend made an interesting point: Imagine someone complaining about the impacts of their black child on THEM, their bisexual child on THEM, etc. They would crumble under the weight of embarrassment from their self-centredness. This is no different and the reason it is exposed.

Hate speech doesn’t get a safe place.


Your “reply” is absolute ludicrous. Makes no sense at all. Everything I said was facts. No one is self-centered. I wont be replying to anything else because there is nothing to reply to. I called no names. She did. And others. I’ve not once said anything hateful towards or about my child or others. Have fun building on lies. I just wanted the truth to be told, for once.


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