#WhereIsShelly hashtag on Twitter

Source: #WhereIsShelly hashtag on Twitter

I just want to say that I was very brave and yelled outside the Scientology center in NYC and got a super dirty look

If Shelly Miscavige is alive and safe, why doesn’t she just make an appearance and statement? Seems simple.

I hope Shelly truly knows what a true friend she had & still has in Leah. No one else gives a damn where she is but her. Hell her own husband doesn’t even acknowledge her.

If Scientology is so upset about Leah asking where Shelly is, why not prove us all wrong and just have Shelly make an appearance?

Are you high?? SOCIETY HAS THE RIGHT TO ASK THE WHEREABOUTS OF A PERSON WHEN VILOENCE/MURDER IS SUPECTED. If she was fine, why not just have her make a public statement and be done with it? Is it because she ended up as fertilizer somewhere?

you should bring Shelly Miscavige to your next red carpet event. Just sayin.

“If I let go, then who’s asking about Shelly?” Such a brave soul, ✊🏼

Let’s get trending today! And while we’re at it, is there something we, as fans and humans, can do to make the IRS take action? A phone number to call and request an investigation? What can we do to help?

If your religion locks people up, it shouldn’t have tax exempt status and isn’t a religion!

Peel the damn onion and find Shelly.

You’ll slander someone yet won’t even respond. You’re as slimy as DM is.

Just caught up on . And damn! They are going to go there next episode. ?! Get ‘em, !


You’re deflecting. Just answer the question!

For simply asking

Meet Scientologist Ed Parkin from Scientology’s front group The Stand League. I think his “work” is a great representation of what Scientology is what Scientologists truly are. Evil. Now, where is Shelly dear?

Watching & ‘s and just wondering Miscavige? She hasn’t been seen since ‘06! Is she dead, in hiding, held captive (against her will), lost in Costco???

For those thinking might’ve died.. don’t you think an organization like this that prides itself on the pomp & pageantry & promo videos, wouldn’t announce something like the death of the leader’s wife?

If she’s not being held captive then let’s see her in public.

so why dont we play their game and hire a private investigator to find Shelly? It cant be that hard to find someone that wont be intimidated by them. I bet you could start a GoFundMe to pay for it.

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If any of that is true, please explain why 1. Cathy reported her pain level as 2 out of 10, 2.Cathy refused transport to a hospital 3. The medics didn’t follow the law & make her to to a hospital. This is all on the medic report that currently is on your site

I want to see David Miscavige’s tax returns! Still filing as married I presume?! What does Shelly’s income look like?

I didn’t realize that Shelly Miscavige hasn’t been seen in public since ‘07. If that’s not a huge red flag and another reason to avoid Scientology I don’t know what is.

I hear you all are looking for my Shells Bells, well don’t you worry one bit she’s just buried right now with work, but as soon as she can come@up for air she’ll call

Cant wait to see if they dress her up and force her to do a PR video after this. Please learn Morse, girl.

has never been short of chutzpah. Or loyalty to friends. Leah was the ONLY person who made an issue. Everyone else cowered.

Great info-Answers a lot of questions for our audience

Another great episode. Heartbreaking though. This woman has no voice and everyone else is speaking for her. The paparazzi can’t even find her going to a shop or store?

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scary but insightful episode. Kudos to for staying with this project

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Look folks! and are right!! These people are doing the textbook “NOISY investigation!!!!!” They even made a website, and are “going after individuals.” But the world knows the game now….

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Scientology wants us to stop asking questions…they should stop being so evasive. Show us Shelly, ? No? Ok then we keep asking questions. Anyone who acts like that is hiding something. If you have nothing to hide some transparency works wonders!

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Unfortunately, I just cant see any way Shelleys still alive as this would be the chance for Scientology to completely destroy a big part of the show by simply showing a verifiable video/interview of Shelley. They wouldnt miss a KO opp…

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