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Big Fears Little Risks – Help Fund Our Documentary | American Council on Science and Health

“Big Fears Little Risks” is a documentary, but unlike most of what you see on places like Netflix, it is pro-science, and not scaremongering trace chemicals, food, or the modern world.

Instead, we note that humans are generally bad at evaluating risk while handing over much of our decision-making to “bubbles of eminence” in self-appointed groups who create guidelines; if the American Academy of Pediatrics says we are all bad parents by letting our children walk to school alone, many of us accept that. If organic food trade groups or their advocates say buying organic food will get your child into Harvard, some will do so – because the only cost is money.

But for many poor people, money is not a second order issue – a war on science and technology is a war on the poor, because they are impacted most by higher costs that derive from meaningless distinctions.

“Big Fears Little Risks” makes it safe to eat breakfast again, no matter how many trial lawyers in California want to sue over trace ingredients that have only ever harmed rats, and only at high doses.

It is a donor-funded program, and we need your help. We are 70% of the way to having it funded and if you can help get us over the top, please do so here.

Source: Big Fears Little Risks – Help Fund Our Documentary | American Council on Science and Health

By Eve Reiland

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