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👋 I’m a non-speaking autistic advocate and I want to ask you something | ASAN

My name is Huan Vuong, and I am a member of theArlington Five, a group of non-speaking autistic people working in Arlington Public Schools and Arlington County in Virginia to create a more inclusive environment. I also work in my community to create and sustain a mentor group for younger non-speaking kids who spell to communicate and need support while navigating an integrated environment.Creating a world in which us non-speaking autistics can thrive, be seen as full human beings and live full and enriching lives is a dream I fight every day to make a reality.

Huan Vuong
Huan Vuong

Make your gift today!

This summer, I attended ASAN’s Autism Campus Inclusion (ACI) leadership academy. It was a very transformative experience in which I learned the importance of creating autistic space, fostering a neurodiverse learning environment, and meeting other non-speaking autistic people in higher education. Since this experience, I have become more confident in my self-advocacy and community advocacy. I continue to look at the workshops from ACI for guidance while creating and founding a disability rights group on my campus. These skills are invaluable and life-changing, and I could not have done this without ASAN’s support. I am very grateful for their programs, advocacy work, and their mission to center disabled people in our fight for our rights.

I ask you this holiday season to support ASAN’s efforts by giving a small donation.Their work is extremely valuable and makes such a difference in our world. Can you helpASAN achieve its mission of self-advocacy and its vital work to create a better world where disabled people are treated with respect and love?

Thank you,

Huan Vuong

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