Update | @TweetingAutism Cancels Quackery Event Aimed At Autistics, Seeking Replacement Speaker | Protest Still On | Autistic Inclusive Meets

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Unfortunately Tui Na massage therapists have cancelled their presentation at our #Autism Roadshow event in #Maidstone #Kent tomorrow due to unforeseen circumstances. We are arranging a replacement speaker.https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/thinking-autism-roadshow-maidstone-event-for-autism-parents-tickets-50527949457 … #TARoadshows

– @tweetingautism 

Richard Higgs‏ @higgsri 2h2 hours agoMoreReplying to @TweetingAutismReplacing physical abuse with unnecessary and meaningless “detox” (dangerous chelation)… not exactly a step up. Do better.

autistictic‏ @autistictic3h3 hours ago

MoreReplying to @TweetingAutism

I don‘t appreciate how you purposefully erase the autistic activists who exposed this harmful ‚treatment‘ and spoke out for autonomy and consent of autistic people. I also don‘t appreciate that you have not cancelled the ‚nutritionist‘ who claims autism can be healed…

Complementary Meds‏ @compandalt5h5 hours ago

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That was the correct decision. Now you need to remove the nutritionist who thinks you should “eliminate heavy metals” and improve “detoxification pathways”. It’s good you are trying to support parents of children with autism but they need evidence based treatments not quackery

Cobalt‏ @Xenologer5h5 hours ago

That would require them to consider disability communities to be valid sources of information on what the people in question actually need. Sadly, if they can’t understand the word “no” I’m p sure taking the lead of #ActuallyAutistic ppl might be too complex for them.

Julian Morgan‏ @jdcm5553h3 hours ago

@TweetingAutism We’ll still be there tomorrow anyway, so let your Tu Num lot know we will see them in Sunderland if they speak. Meanwhile, back to the other Woo you peddle…Pls explain how selling me food supplements cures my autism… @AutisticUK@AIMautistic#ActuallyAutistic

Cobalt‏ @Xenologer6h6 hours ago

Are those circumstances that video of a session got out & was viewed by likely targets of the “treatment” in question? And even the supposedly flattering supercut of a child learning they can’t say “no” to adults still upset ppl?Because timing sorta suggests this played a role.

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