#TreatMyAutism hashtag on Twitter

Source: #TreatMyAutism hashtag on Twitter

How to treat autism? Personally I like to treat mine to a nice meal and profiteroles. How about you? Let’s go!

I to a weekend of being entirely nocturnal, and a 48 hour non-stop immersion in my special interests.

I to a nice walk out in the woods and a cuddle with blankets and tea afterwards. How do you treat yours? (don’t forget the hashtag).

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I to a hot bath and with plenty of bubbles followed by a good movie and cuddles

I to a back massage and soothing music playing repetitively over and over again. How do you treat yours?

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I to a glitter lamp, a duvet, and a nice new book on my kindle 👍🏻

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I to a Sunday of relaxation and a Dr Who box set.

I to chocolate and cheese

I to a piece of dark chocolate every day. My autism loves routines and decadence. How do you treat yours

I to a large glass of Baileys Irish Cream with a large amount of ice. Well, it is Christmas!!!

I with respect and admiration because it’s part of what makes me.

I to coffee whenever our train is delayed (everyday).

Love this. I as i would want to be treated…which is really helpful because i seem to be “with autism” at all times and where ever i go… 🤔 imagine that.

How to treat autism? With acceptance, understanding, dignity, and respect, of course!

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I to a lovely couple of hours of undisturbed rock painting on the dining table

I to a quiet room so I feel relax and think better or I would listen to music and may sing too.

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I like to to an afternoon in bed with a good book, or a recording of something I can learn from – oh, and possibly a white chocolate and gingernut cheesecake from

I with creosote, so it can get through a hot Summer AND a cold Winter and still look good.

I like to to enjoyable sensory experiences and a lovely book.

I to some chocolate every now and again. It gives me a migraine but it’s so worth it

I like I treat my dog: with lots of hugs, love, and positivity.

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I to a cinema trip and popcorn!

I to AirPods, electronic music, and as much writing as I can muster. (And then playtime with the kiddos) 😊

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I’m going to to a bit of time in the garden getting next to nature, feeding the birds followed by a cup of tea and a ‘play with other autism’s’ on line

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I would like to to a marathon session of Farscape and a bag of Jelly Babies!🤓

Since it’s Sunday, I’m going to to a lazy day.

I like to to a nice massage every few weeks 👌🏻

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I to a nice quiet Sunday duvet day to recharge.

Come and join the fun. Say how you would 😎

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I decided to to a walk down by the pond and watch the terns and ducks

I to a nice warm cup of Coffee every single day! ☕ yum! How do you treat yours?

I to pleasures like fidget spinners, NFL games, and KTO videos on football, (Black) southern cuisine, craft beer, nerd conventions, photography, and pie. How do you treat yours?

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I to a large glass of Baileys Irish Cream with a large amount of ice. Well, it is Christmas!!!

I like to treat mine to naps when it’s exhausted, and feed it food of the texture groups which it finds most comfortable.

I to unchecked outward expression of joy. One of its favorites!

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I like to to a new book or (if I’m really going wild) a sneaky nap when no one is looking!

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I like to to an afternoon curled up on the settee, a mug of hot chocolate and a good book.

I treat mine with chocolate and tea, in equal parts.

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I with my favourite playlist or a trip to the cinema with my wife.

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I very carefully cos I don’t want it to go into hiding again for another 40 years

I to a bubble bath with a good fantasy or sci-fi e-book, a candle, and a cup of cinnamon tea.

I to a lie in on Sundays, because it works so hard during the week.

I’ve mostly not been very good at treating my Autism as more than an inconsequential part of me. That’s been costly. Now that I live alone (heaven) I’m going to with the respect that it deserves. I’m already really enjoying exploring what that might look like!

I treat my to a nice steaming cup of caramel cappuccino on a regular basis.

I to a day spent in my room, under blankets with my doggo, with only Christmas lights on and my favorite Netflix shows playing. And don’t forget the coffee!

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I to a Steven Wilson concert abroad at least once a year & a new book as frequently as possible. Makes very happy.

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I to three cans of Red Bull each day so that my ADHD & Autism can live together in harmony and calm 😉 !!!

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I to a fancy dinner and don’t expect it to pay half of the cheque. Later, I give it a massage and pour it a glass of fine wine as it unwind unwinds in the bath. We then watch anime and go to bed.

I to theme park trips and fluffy socks!

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I to cuddles with my cat on my lap, a nice of chamomile tea, and a heavy blanket.

I’d to a nice massage, a quiet house, snuggled on the sofa all day, no having to adult, yes my autism needs treating!!!!!

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I with solitary pursuits like Lego and sudoku. Focusing on one methodical interest helps to clear away the noise and stress overload.

I usually to a hot meal, a cold beer, and a quiet evening of reading or watching TV on the weekends. I’d like to treat it to kitty snuggles, but Alina still isn’t having it.

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For my daughter we with kindness and acceptance. Space to be herself, recover from difficult situations, and sometimes binge read or watch and that works for her and us thank you to

I’m about to treat mine to a curry with bhajees, samosas and chipatis.

I also treat my Autistic son to a nice warm cup of coffee every single day ☕ My Autistic daughter doesn’t like coffee & so I treat her w/payments on her Uni school loan $ 🙂

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I by watching YouTube content and relaxing.

i love to to some good ol therapuetic cleaning and philosophy videos on youtube

I to chocolate and ice-cream on a regular basis. Gotta keep it happy!

I with Christmas songs and rugby union! Its working wonders today! 😆

Some nice noise cancellation, a warming and heavy heat pad, and low lighting

I to doctor who reruns and lego lots of lego

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Mine enjoys the treat of a nice new Ordnance Survey map, and a lovely cup of tea.

with a nice stress free workout at the soccer field and having fun with my coworkers

Mine likes peppermint tea, perfectly ripe avocados, and poetry books.

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I to Love and acceptance. Great amounts of alone time. Plenty of chocolate. Two sets of headphones when the world is too loud. Lists to help us keep things orderly. We REALLY like structure.

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A nice long internet deep dive caching photos of my favourite Japanese actor, watching anime, reading poetry, writing poetry, flan, sticky toffee pudding ice cream, Cuban Revolver café, and sharing my knowledge with friends.

I treat mine to cute stationery and an inordinate amount of bubble tea. 😂

with Crown Royal or a fine whiskey when I have over peopled myself.

Today I picked up some new stim toys for my desk, but I wouldn’t say no to a comfy weighted blanket. 10 pounds, please, I’m a tiny woman.

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I used to to all night raving. Now I collecting & helping mini to treat her’s collecting

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I with not going out more than necessary. Also watching favorite movies and shows. And tea. Lots and lots of tea.

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I like to with some nice books. Whatever it wants. And new hobbies. Apparently we like dolls and dollhouses now. It gives no effs that we are 33.

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I to a warm bath with a fragrant bath bomb. It deserves it.

I to some new books, some new minis, and some Amazon Prime.

For all its faults, I with BioWare games. Mass Effect and Dragon Age are my Ultimate Special Interests, and bonus points for my consistently playing them in a purrito of the softest blankies and surrounded by stuffed animals.

i like to to a movie at the theatre sometimes. i also treat it to a cold pepsi several times a day 🙂

I tend to to a cup of tea, a good videogame and a book or six.

I by building tiny clockwork animals 🐼

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