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Before the midterm election, we urged every supporter of the free and open Internet to “vote for net neutrality.”1 And that’s just what happened, as nearly 40 anti-net neutrality members of Congress lost reelection.

Then, to turn up the heat even more, we released data showing that every single Democrat not yet supporting net neutrality has gotten money from the telecommunications industry.

That worked too. Within days of Congress returning to D.C., two Democrats signed on in support of net neutrality—our first new supporters in weeks.

Now, because the lame duck session of Congress has been extended to prevent a government shutdown, we’ve gained two weeks to keep turning up the pressure and save net neutrality.

Congress is really feeling the heat, and with more time and momentum, we’re launching an emergency final push to save net neutrality. Will you make a donation to keep the pressure on?

When Ajit Pai repealed net neutrality, Comcast thought they had it made in the shade. But our Vote for Net Neutrality campaign brought a whole new level of pressure on Congress.

We wanted to make sure voters knew which candidates were on Team Internet and which were on Team Cable. So we researched which candidates have supported net neutrality and which candidates haven’t. Then, we listed who got money from the telecommunications industry and how much.

Let’s face it. Politicians care about one thing above all else: getting reelected. And our message was that if you stand with Team Cable over Team Internet, voters are going to send you home.

It’s no wonder that the minute Congress got back to D.C. after the election, we gained our first new supporters in weeks. Now, momentum is on our side, but time is running out to convince Congress to vote to overrule the FCC’s repeal of net neutrality.

Here’s what we have in mind to keep up the pressure:

  • Ramp up our scorched-earth DemsAgainstThe.Net campaign that laser-focuses on the most likely lawmakers to come on board: the handful of remaining Democrats who haven’t signed on to the CRA even though the entire rest of their party has.
  • Mobilize thousands of people in the most strategic districts to call, email, and tweet their lawmakers demanding they sign on before the Congressional session ends.
  • Generate more hard-hitting press coverage that exposes the House representatives who have taken huge “campaign contributions” from Big Telecom and refused to support the resolution to restore net neutrality.
  • Rally the entire Internet in another big online day of action using DeadlineForNetNeutrality.com on December 14, the one-year anniversary of Ajit Pai’s disastrous repeal.

We face a huge uphill battle, and there’s a good chance that we might not make it to 218 by the end of the year. But right now we want to make sure every undecided member of Congress feels maximum pressure. Every vote we pick up now is a vote we can count on later when Comcast and their Big Telecom lobbyist friends try to push through legislation to end net neutrality forever.

Congress is feeling enormous pressure after nearly 40 anti-net neutrality incumbents were defeated for reelection, and now that the lame duck session of Congress has been extended, we have two extra weeks to keep up the fight.

Will you make a donation to help keep the momentum going before we run out of time to save net neutrality?

For the Internet,

Evan at Fight for the Future


  1. Vote for Net Neutrality https://www.votefornetneutrality.com/

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