As Seen On Facebook | Really, lady? I saw that. … #DisabilityParking is NOT for your convenience. … via Eve Reiland

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Really, lady? I saw that. … #DisabilityParking is NOT for your convenience. … worse yet are those stripey lines aren’t a SPOT at all….

Yesterday, went to get my haircut (totally fab) and routine is I rest from the sensory load in the car while Bill gets his turn in the barber chair.

As I sat in my car, passenger side, located in a disabled space … watched a woman park in the striped spots between my car and the next disabled parking spot. …

This woman knew the entire time what she was doing. Watched her face doing the “oopsie” fake-thing AS she parked.

ALL of her body language told on her that she knew what she was doing exactly.

Mind you I’m working out sensory load stuff and am MUTE and unable to say anything. So I just watched. And the best part is … she got caught.

She had to walk back and do the fake – oh I didn’t realize, bs game — and to the man in a wheelchair COMPLETELY BLOCKED from access to his car.

Oh the beautiful shades of NT-BS she showed when caught in the lie. That guy was so much nicer than me. He did the laugh-it-off thing to slide through the bullshittery.

She said words like, “Oh I didn’t notice. I was in such a hurry. Running late” … blah blah blah justifications.

Then she walked in the narrow spot between my window and her driver’s door, squeezed back into her car and then re-parked. Like six spots down the way from where she was, and then walked into the sandwich shop.

Gotta love a dash of ableism to go with your salami and cheese sub.

Wake. Bake. Caffeinate. + More | w/ Eve Reiland

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