Reliving my (painful) past

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash


I want to preface this post by saying that these are things i’ve experienced and at the time of writing this, I do not have a PTSD diagnosis. I, in …

Source: Reliving my (painful) past

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One Reply to “Reliving my (painful) past”

  1. For me moving on was learning to put myself first. Making amends or having a conversation with people from the past – they have no motive to change or see your viewpoint – just like they didn’t before. Take pleasure in the fact you can change,move on,be strong and improve your life through choices. Learning different ways to be assertive and avoid giving other people the chance to definitely is something that takes a lot to learn (for me) considering yourself a work in progress is a good way to think . It means you’re accepting your not perfect, but are open to learning and positive change. As you learn you will see that you were once a victim but the real victims are the closed minded people who refuse to change or learn and hate the path you choose to walk. Light,learning,freedom and happiness is there for you, with work 🙂


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