The Atticus McLaren Mysteries: Murder at the Museum | Spring Horton

What if you had to spend your life navigating a world that wasn’t built for you? Atticus McLaren is autistic, and though he’s managed to build a nice, quiet life for himself, that life is about to be turned upside down when something sinister happens at the museum where he works.


Spring Horton

Hey there! We’re so very close to making The Atticus McLaren Mysteries a reality!

Filming is set to start the last week of January, we have everybody cast, and all that’s left are the details, and putting together the rest of the funding.

The Story

Inclusion Statement

Our goal was to tell a story about a disabled character that didn’t focus on their disability. We also have four LGBT characters as well as LGBT cast and crew. Our team is almost all women and many have disabilities of our own, including the director who the main character is based on.

About The Project

Atticus McLaren isn’t your typical British detective. Actually, he isn’t a detective at all. The hero of The Atticus McLaren Mysteries is a quiet, often terrified, and sometimes rather funny, young man who just happens to stumble onto something quite unexpected. 

Atticus McLaren is autistic, and though his disability is a hidden one, he still spends much of his time feeling out of place. He’s managed to build a nice little life for himself, though, living in his professor’s converted garden shed and working as a museum tech during off hours so he doesn’t have to deal with the tourists. All of this is threatened though when he’s confronted by new people popping into in his life and a mystery at his museum that might just prove the death of him. 

The Atticus McLaren Mysteries began life as a book series, one created to highlight an adult autistic character, whose story didn’t focus on his autism. I also wanted to showcase LGBT characters. Four of the main characters are from the LGBT community, including Atticus and a transgender character being played by a transgender actor. 

In a time when autistic characters are still, mostly, stereotypical, and autistic people themselves face hardships from disbelief of their disability to being wiped out by cures, we wanted to portray a character who existed in the real world, in an unexpected situation, and faces everyday and not so everyday problems. As Atticus navigates the mystery, he makes new friends, reunites with his estranged brother, and finds that he can manage to come through the other side a hero…with a little help from his friends. 

Check out our team!

Amanda Prosser (DP)- Showreel

Marica Deer (Freddy Spinner)- Acting Reel

AJ Blackwell (Drake Mallard)- Acting Reel

Simon Kane- Acting Reel

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