Chemists’ Community Fund: Genevieve’s story #FND

When Genevieve Ososki became dependent on a wheelchair, she thought she would have to give up working in a chemistry lab. A grant from the Chemists’ Community Fund allowed her to purchase a sit-to-stand wheelchair, enabling her to carry out laboratory experiments safely. 

By Lara Pocock, Chemists’ Community Fund Development Specialist

The Chemists’ Community Fund is the working name of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Benevolent Fund. It exists to assist members who are facing difficulties in either their personal or professional lives. The fund offers a range of services, including legal advice, bereavement support, and financial help.

Genevieve was diagnosed with a functional neurological disorder in her final year of undergraduate study, which quickly confined her to a wheelchair and became a serious impediment to her completing her degree. Despite working with the university’s Health and Safety team, Genevieve was unable to find a way to work safely in the lab. “There are a lot of issues with chemicals being at face height, not being able to get close enough to fume hoods – it suddenly becomes very dangerous just doing simple things”, she says. …

Source: Chemists’ Community Fund: Genevieve’s story

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