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#HateNotHeritage hashtag on Twitter

Source: #HateNotHeritage hashtag on Twitter

If this offends you racist fucks, feel free to unfollow me :))

It’s important to remember that the Mississippi state flag STILL contains a confederate flag 😳🥺🤯 I mean cmon Mississippi – y’all can do better

They openly bringing their kids to flag rallies,teaching them .making sure that the hate does not die with them

This is a photo of a cop posing w/ white supremacists who want to KEEP street named after the KKK’s founder.

Why is there a memorial in Arizona??!!!

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. also reports these two “demonstrators” are undercover cops who were with police.

It’s so ludicrous to come to DC for that’s been Done! Y’all learned today…not having ANY of it!! Y’all come again ✊🏽

Sending prayers of safety and all of my heart to the protesters in DC today. I wish I could be there.

The Anatomy of a Shredding in The Nation’s Capitol.

William Thompson explains what he meant the flag to mean &it’s clear that it represents

how is he “keeping himself warm with freedom” if the flag is a symbol for slavery??

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What I always, -ALWAYS- find interesting is “My opinion is NOT racist (…but I still don’t want to be recorded saying it)”

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Your billy bob joe flag can lie under my feet covered by display glass as I walk over it in a museum as I learn about history. When that day comes you’ll be the first to hear about it because I guarantee you that flag isn’t gonna wave for much longer.

Racist officers incapable of unbiasedness target Smash Racism Group

Wishing I was in DC right now 😩

As someone from the south. Fuck the It is a disgusting reminder of the past

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. also reports these two “demonstrators” are undercover cops who were with police.

“We was just ’bout to leave! So since you in a rush to be White, you gon’ be late.”

Thank you for letting us know the standing up against hate makes us radical. You can’t learn for the past if the depiction is one sided. You sir are on the wrong side of history.

Never thought I would have to snatch a flag from a Black man yesterday.

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Well I got a free dipper bowl for wearing the flag cuz the guy thought it was bad ass so…

4 – I mean, Mint Juleps are great, but not so great they blind me to slavery’s existence whenever I see Confederate flags.

Also: -Never acknowledged to have left the Union, -All monuments in AZ erected between 1943-2010.

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. & others question cops about suspected device at in

promoting the confederate flag bc you’re from the south is no different than someone from Germany promoting the nazi flag

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