#NeurodiverseFashion #BeautyforAutistics | Talking Fashion Inspiration, Influencers & Adaptations – YouTube

Published on Sep 30, 2017

Welcome to my first Neurodiverse Fashion & Beauty Vlog. All Fucks uttered belong to me. And some other salty words.
It’s just me being me. No filters (my brain no longer uses them even if I wanted eh). Just to note, if swear words fucking offend you — this video is so not for you. Fair warning amazeball shit happens too. :).
The Autistic Market is 70 million strong Worldwide. Autistic women are real and we shop, wear makeup and need to figure wtf is for dinner like every other human on the planet.
My intense interests drive my purchases and brand loyalty is life-long unless the company royally fucks it up. Fashion and makeup are favorite interests and a personal love since the days of high school. You know back in the big hair’d 80s. I’m not exactly sure what format this will evolve — and for it to do that, first it must start — so without further ado, here’s my early fashion inspirations (including the letter G), makeup influencers, and fashion adaptation #1: Noise-cancelling headphones and a wish for something better.
Plus Wet N Wild is bombdiggity compared to yesteryears.

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