How We Can Better Treat Patients With Disabilities w/Dr. Holly Tabor | Incident Report 169 – YouTube

Published on Jul 25, 2018

Dr. Holly Tabor is Associate Professor of Medicine and Associate Director of the Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics and she joins us to talk biomedical ethics, how the medical system can better serve patients with disabilities such as autism, and a shocking finding from a Special Olympics study. for full transcript. 06:45 Ethics Committees and ethics consults in medical centers 12:30 JCAHO! 15:30 The ethics of caring for violent and abusive patients and families 17:30 When is it unethical to ask a nurse to continue to see an abusive patient? 22:00 How do we take care of people with disabilities? And how might improving that care improve care for everyone? 23:00 Autism 24:30 Perceptions of disabilities and how people with disabilities and family members interact with the healthcare system 30:00 Special Olympics, how to participate, the Games, health screenings for athletes 33:00 How medical providers communicate with people with disabilities 38:00 Should we rethink the intake of patients with disabilities? 39:00 How can we individualize their experience? 42:30 Importance of preventative health for those with disabilities 44:30 Presuming competence for those with disabilities 47:30: Former UCSF GI fellow, now quadriplegic after a biking accident (Check out his full interview here) 50:00 Dr. Tabor’s experience with her son’s autism 51:50 The “R” word and why it’s not cool 53:00 Controversy around the term “short bus”

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