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Oh, #ActuallyAutistic Gender & Sexuality Spectrum is getting noticed … | Autistic Children Pushed to Become Transgender …

Oh noes, the NT-world is starting to notice the FULL spectrum of autistic people includes our gender identity and sexuality. Only, there seems to be panic …

Why? Because they don’t understand the Autistic population. For all their “awareness” they never understood the FULL SPECTRUM of autistic people. And they certainly don’t accept us to begin with …

Protect your autistic children from prejudice, bigotry and hate please.

Let them be them.

I’m laughing at the notion that autistic kids are so easy to groom. …

If that were the case, ABA would have made us all NT-programmed partially-autonomous robots.

Stop the drama and antics. Stop it. Learn more about Autistic people, culture and our community.

“We we’re born this way, baby.”

Now go love and support your kid.

— Eve Reiland

A whistleblowing teacher claims that vulnerable autistic children are being persuaded that they are gender dysphoric.

Source: Autistic Children Pushed to Become Transgender | National Review

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3 replies on “Oh, #ActuallyAutistic Gender & Sexuality Spectrum is getting noticed … | Autistic Children Pushed to Become Transgender …”

The panic seems to be that 17 pupils, all on the spectrum and at the same school are in the process of changing gender. That is a situation that needs investigating. The idea seems to be that by changing gender, they will no longer be autistic. I don’t for one second believe that each of them decided independently to do this. This feels very much like rounding them up and wiping them out.


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