As Seen On Facebook | The UGLY Side of Support By Caregivers for Autistics …

This group is for any caregiver who has a severe Autie. I love my son more than life itself, but I don’t love Autism. I want this to be a safe place! Vent, cry, celebrate, share. DO NOT attack, judge, belittle. If you don’t like a post and don’t agree, please think before you respond. I have no problem booting out people who don’t get it and are. Please feel free to add anyone you see fit.

Excellent that you are running such a positive group. I had a quick look and I don’t think it’s for me.

As soon as I saw someone had commented about he book a flight somewhere and ending up somewhere else but being happy and making the most of it I felt like sticking my boot through my computer screen and screaming!

Sorry, I know some people find that analogy works for them but I wanted a normal kid.  – Yvonne Sidwell

Mads Beresford He’s got no idea he’s autistic, he doesn’t value my opinion, I’m the provider of food, etc. I didn’t say I didn’t love him, I said I wanted a normal kid. 

I didn’t want a kid who can’t speak, who is full of anxiety and has meltdowns, and self harms, who will never be independent, who has to have help with all care needs, who can’t read or write or count.

Who can’t go out alone, who has no friends. Will never get married, have a job and will always have to rely on the kindness of others. Who I worry about what will happen to him after I’m dead!

So if that’s a rejection of myself yeah I reject myself big time.

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