#AskingAutistics hashtag on Twitter


Source: #AskingAutistics hashtag on Twitter

Something I’ve not seen discussed before. How much of my personality is *mine* and how much of it have I acquired through mimicking/masking? Something a lot of late dx autistics have to unpack


do you view retard as a slur against autistics and can people use it as an insult when not against autistics? Why/why not and do you know autistics who have a differing opinion?

I also think it’s funny that a lot of the things autistic people need are things that the general population also wants. So making these changes would make things better for everyone but nobody wants to change. It’s ridiculous. Right?

: A friend just shared a post from an autism org, the tagline being “Support me, and I’ll show you how valuable I am.” How does that sit with you guys? It’s kinda rubbing me the wrong way, tbh.

do any of you get into massive fights with family that turn mentally abusive at all? If so how do you handle it, and cope after? I haven’t been coping well and want to sleep for days. I’m really not sure what to do. My family also rejects my autism diagnosis

Anyone else really struggle to drive after dark?


Went to tumblr for a bit and seems they are fighting with each other about the use of nonverbal if you otherwise are verbal. What are yalls opinions?

I have an 10yr old boy in school who has been signed off from school by his doc b/c his MH is rock bottom. He can’t see a reason for his own existence. He is my afternoon 1:1.

Hi friends. A parent has reached out to me to ask my network of autistics about auditory hallucinations. Have you had them, and if so were they related to another MH condition? I have passed on my exp & made suggestions but more is helpful.

Does anyone else find that they’re able to predict TV/movie “unpredictable” twists very quickly based on tone? For example, I figured out The Good Place’s S1 twist very early in the first episode.


what are the most effective supports, treatments &/or accommodations u have had or currently have in school &/or work? What has not worked? Anything you wish you had access to but do not? Please retweet!

Advice needed! I work in a hospital and some days I can’t shake the negativity of the patients off me. Sometimes because their stories touch me sometimes because they are just plain rude and obnoxious. How to I shield myself from it?


I feel like a double agent. Me the and the actress. They are both me. And I am working hard to make them both the same person. do you have two lives? The one at home and the one at work?

has anyone got any suitable blog posts or anything like that?

There are non-autistics genuinely wanting , but who feel unwelcomed commenting here, in our community Is it not better they get their information FROM US, than having to resort to websites & non-autistic publications we despise?


What are some things that employers can do to better accommodate the autistic community?


I *always* have to have an escape route. EVERYTHING I do, I need to know when and how I can leave so that I if I get overloaded I can get away. Is everyone else like this?


what is your interest(s)? How have they changed over the years? Mine are Disneyland, writing and acting. Always been writing. Disneyland is newest, been about 12 years now.


I wish more NTs would use rather than just the tag. Just saw a poll about person-first vs identity-first language sitting at 66% in favour of PFL because it was aimed at “the community” 😒

Yet another poll on terminology. Apparently the or hashtags aren’t enough of a giveaway about the dominant preference of the online autistic community 🤷‍♀️

Right. people – – We are sick to death of these polls, but get right on it.


Fellow autistics, how do you react when someone somewhat compares being “gifted” (IQ ≥ 130 without anything else) to being autistic? And do you have any literature about that?

Does anyone find concentrating on podcasts impossible? I always had problems registering speech, but podcast content simply goes in one ear and comes out the other. Not a good thing when the podcasts in question are on writing.

I’m looking for new-age noise cancelling earplugs. I’d love to have a decent pair that I can also review for my blog. Does anyone have any suggestions?

does anyone else find that you lose/drop things much more frequently than neurotypical people – and particularly when you’re tired/overloaded? Is this part of Executive Dysfunction? …definitely didn’t lose my keys this evening 🙄🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ (I did)


Is there any practical information you would have liked to have known while job searching/networking? Anything you think would have helped?


Thank you. I was only diagnosed this year so haven’t figured out what’s the best route is the best tool I’ve found by far


Interested to hear about people’s experiences with getting diagnosed autistic as an adult. It was mentioned by my psych. today. For additional context my son is also an autie. I’m a bit perplexed 🤔

Do you find you get lost in translation more when communicating online or in the real world? I detest conflict & hostility & my words bein twisted & I deplore antagonist’s Sometimes I Q why it happens to ME over basic tweets & If its ME or THEM


Im horrible at searching – can anyone find this video clip uploaded to Twitter?


These questions are for  people who’ve worked in  digital teams, in any role. What’s good about working in a multidisciplinary digital agile team? What’s difficult about working in a multidisciplinary digital agile team?

YOUR thoughts on the merging of Aspergers & classic Autistic disorder, made to dx in 2013 under the DSM V? IF ACCURATELY dx, Aspergers apparently has unaffected language & learning development & a milder social, behavior & language comprehension


I think its great that we all share what makes us unique and take pride in it, but, sometimes, it feels isolating. So, , what are some things that make us similar to neurotypicals?


do you as a person prefer to be active and busy or bored standing around ? Either like me at moment inn work or even out of work ?.

What level of support do you require? Any people who don’t require support at all?


do you like music? If so what kind of music do you like? I like pop music, rap, and dance type music

how successful are you at romantic relationships? 34 & never been in love

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I can figure out the logic of murder mysteries & solve them pretty quickly, but I have difficulty with romances & dramas because I can’t always distinguish subtle facial cues.

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I want them in and the ask me group, not in the spaces that we’ve claimed as being for autistic people (so, not if they aren’t autistic) but yes I’d generally prefer they ask us.

🤮to my stomach- in 2018 so much STILL relies on PHONE CALLS & its stressful af & I’m so 😡right now, cos I just made one I put off for 6 WKS & now its turned into phone-tag BS & I CAN’T DO 📞1x let alone 2x AAARRRGGGHHH WHY calls are SO hard?



Those of you with full time jobs or careers: Advice for the rest of on how to handle well enough to be able to work full time?

Anyone else ever have people baby them and treat them like they are helpless? It doesn’t happen often but goodness it irritates the heck out of me.

Not if it’s just the pod playing, and it’s dark. I find it soothing. Keeps me company, and I laugh and learn stuff. Lubbs me my Podhole. If multitasking it goes to pot, got to be just the pods.

for thoughts on this one. I don’t believe brains are gendered.

: I’m thinking of watching Mr Robot – Yeah, I know, way behind here! Worth it, or just going to be infuriating? Can’t wait for the day that “you should watch this, it has an character!” doesn’t immediately raise my suspicions!

People either think I’m wise beyond my years or extremely immature and childish. Anyone relate?


It seems like an overwhelming number of people regularly using are in the UK. , where are y’all from? (Also, anyone in the Metro Detroit area? Looking to start organizing some activism work in my area)

Got another somewhat difficult question for the . At what age did you realize that you were autistic? Maybe you didn’t know the phrasing, but when did you understand you processed differently than neurotypical?


yall ever get into a mood where u just want to say whatever random stuff comes to ur head? like you dont want to filter thru ur thoughts for whats comprehensible and what’s not? and u dont even want a response, u just need to say as many words as u can?


: do you have a habit of continually checking for loose hairs? It’s become somewhat of a compulsion for me and it’s driving me insane.


what household appliances drive you mad?

anyone else have trouble with taking responsibility/ showing appreciation? I can say I love you but apologies are really hard for me. so is saying thank you and it feels so shitty because I feel like I come off as spoiled and ungrateful.


how many people have cracked Sheldon cooper cracks at you whether or not you’re dexed

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