As Seen On Facebook | Anti-Vaxxers using rape in their arguments against vaccination … via Emma Dalmayne 

Emma Dalmayne shared a post.
17 hrs

Anti vaxxers using rape in their arguments against vaccination.

They jump on posts of grieving parents seeking support because their babies have died of SIDS.

They insist its vaccine injury, and dont respect the parents wishes not to use their dead childrens pictures, and now they are attempting to use violent sexual assault to their own twisted agenda.

Fuck them for this.

Robert John Walker Âû This is so damn sick. Is there no depth too low for these anti-vaxxers?

Jojo Weaver Yanno forcefully sticking bleach up their kids butts is rape in my book, if we are gonna go there

Christa Holmans I report every antivaxx post fake news

Christa Holmans Mass report?

Andrea Don Wtf?

Erin Rayner I don’t understand the picture/words here children don’t regress from vaccines

Emma Dalmayne Exactly.

Sinead Larkin just when u thought they couldn’t sink any lower…they go and out do themselves.

Jamie Diamond That doesn’t even make any sense…

Mark Naylor As an autistic who has been raped this is outright offensive. And ridiculous.

Nobody believes you anyway.

Cristina Guerrero Padilla Regress into autism? Wtf does that even mean?! 😤

Hope Moriki This argument makes no sense. Vaccines have nothing to do with feminism.

Natalie Joanne This makes absolutely no sense and these two things are totally irrelevant. And the second is nothing to do with feminism

Elizabeth Chart What a croc of shit.

Charlie Hart That’s mad as box of frogs

Nicola Heath Walker WTAF??? 🙈🤬👹😱

Kathy Wolf WTF?????

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