Autistic Meltdowns & Overloads | “What’s That?” – YouTube

Published on Nov 14, 2018

Autistic overloads and shutdowns in 3 minutes; why they happen, what they are and how to help yourself or your autistic person—episode 4 of What’s That?” I talk about autistic sensitivities, anxiety and validation. Though I try to pack as much in as possible in 3 minutes—inevitably this is NOT an exhaustive video on the topic. I’m doing a LIVE Q&A (Tuesday 20 November, 2PM BST) so if you have any questions, or want something discussed in more detail—let me know! “What’s That?” is a weekly video series made possible by our lovely Patreon community. They throw us a few dollars, every month, which allows us to grow and develop Agony Autie—from buying new studio equipment, to attending and documenting autistic events and conferences. As a thank you, Agony Autie Patrons get early access to videos, as well as exclusive Q&As and live shows.

– Activists & Advocates | YouTube Channel –

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