| My response to Board of AutismBC via Mirella Russell

NOV 10, 2018 — 

To The Board of AutismBC

My name is Mirella Russell. I am a huge advocate of inclusion which is aligned with AutismBC values.

Having a child on a spectrum I fight constantly for his rights. Recently I was made aware that Laurie Guerra, a board of directors of Autism BC attended a secret anti-SOGI rally in Surrey.

It is my strong belief that you cannot stand in a high position advocating for one group and discriminating against another. By supporting a director who is homophobic and transphobic you are taking a stance against LGBTQ+ community.

This is a person representing your organization. I understand AutismBC is apolitical but it is hypocritical to have a person in position of power representing your organization and advocating hatred.

That is not inclusion. I have started a petition to have Laurie Guerra removed from her position. If your organizations values inclusion it should support all children. In fact many children on the spectrum identify themselves as LGBTQ+.

There is nothing political about being inclusive, but if your motto is inclusion than it applies to all.


4 thoughts on “ | My response to Board of AutismBC via Mirella Russell

  1. Susie Smith says:

    Mirella Russell, you are very misinformed. Homosexuality, transgenderism & autism are three very separate issues & these 3 very separate issues should not be conflated into one discussion. They are 3 separate discussions. Homosexual behaviour is unhealthy & dangerous to your health & therefore homosexual behaviour should not be affirmed & celebrated not should this unhealthy behaviour be “included” as something normal & acceptable. To read about the vast medical risks & unhealthy consequences of homosexuality, read the links to medical research & data that has been compiled on this blog.

    Furthermore, transgenderism should also not be embraced as normal with very complicated unintended consequences that are dangerous & irreversible. To read about the medical research surrounding this issue


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