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A parent-based & directed charity; providing support, education, resources, programs, & special events for individuals & families affected by autism

British Columbia, Canada •

As long as you have people fighting against inclusion of LGBTQ rights on your board, this should be corrected to read, “An inclusive society for 30% of people on the autism spectrum to reach their full potential.”

and even if your conclusion was somehow true, then Guerra’s duty as the Director would be to openly state her views on SOGI and deal with the consequences.

Autistic advocates call for AutismBC director, and City Councillor Laurie Guerra to step down. reports:

needs to donthe right thing for people with autism, LGBTQ+ people, and all marginalized groups of people who deserve inclusion. needs to resign or be fired

So, this is remarkably terrifying. A city councillor and director of a prominent Canadian autism network, , attended this event, undermining any + people who are supported by this group. Your leadership speaks for you.

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So, , what are your plans here? Because I was a supporter of yours, but I can’t support a group that allows a hateful person like this to be their director.

Margaux Wosk who is autistic and an activist, says Coun. Laurie Guerra should be removed as director of for her anti-SOGI views as many autistic people are LGBTQ. She says needs to be inclusive for everyone in the autism community.

Thanks to for their continued coverage of the Laurie Guerra story. I was lucky enough to have been interviewed for this story. Please check out the link here:

If Laurie Guerra can be the director of & attend meetings where she is concerned about sexual orientation/gender identity&god, apparently she knows nothing of “LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR”. I’m Autistic. I’m here and I’m not shutting up.

Outrage, petition against AutismBC director and Surrey councillor growing

hey does deplorable represent your organization well? if so, super creepy, if not, let this hateful coward go.

I hope knows that making her account private doesn’t mean we’ll forget what she’s said or what she stands for. would do well to distance themselves from her as fast as they can.

Such ignorance… again, proving why SOGI 123 is essential, and why needs to replace

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look at how accomplished this bitch is. BA from athabasca “university”. totally deserving of 400k/year

Following ‘s breaking story on two city councillors attending a secret anti-SOGI rally, one of whom is the director of , autism advocate Margaux Wosk shares her thoughts on the councillor with and , tune in at 6 for more.

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News flash… then why are secret meetings being held for the purposes of targeting LGBTQ+ students & families? You’re the one acting superior, trying to “turn back the clock” on the equality & human rights.

After 1000 signatures will we be able to do something ?

It’s getting close to 1,000 signatures. Also, I speak with an autistic woman and activist about why she believes should remove from her director position.

Outrage, petition against AutismBC director and Surrey councillor growing

Tune in to to hear my voice about this nonsense!

Actually, the scientific and medical community are very clear about transgender people & gender identity. The law in Canada is also clear about protecting ALL LGBTQ+ people from hate & discrimination. Inclusion actually means inclusion!

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I am disgusted by this. receives provincial funding. If they do not accept LGBTQ members in their community their funding needs to stop.

Wow… not a good look for , , and . All because she was called out for being anti sogi.

Hey , good luck raising any money from compassionate parents in . We know hate is a growth business these days, but parents of kids on the spectrum understand what it means to have unconditional love for a child that is exceptional.

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What an absolute ridiculous response from over the conduct of their Director by attending a “secret” meeting for people opposed to SOG 123 & LGBTQ+ students & families. What if a secret meeting was held targeting students with autism?

Parents group demands anti-SOGI AutismBC director, Surrey councillor, step down

As parents and concerned members of the community, we stand with many parents in asking to act. Only those that believe in human rights and inclusion for all, should be on the Board.

So doesn’t want to get political. What about human rights is political? Time to stand up for those you serve. Remove Guerra from her Director position. This shouldn’t be yet another thing parents of children with special needs have to advocate for.

Yeah like Them: uses a transphobic slur Also them: why are people calling me transphobic and telling me I’m using hate speech The lack of critical thinking and self reflection is astounding yet unsurprising

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I’m sorry by not disclosing her views before the election I think that is fraud as many people would not have voted for her if they had known!!

Calling a reporter who diligently takes notes and pictures of her a liar, at a meeting she denies attending, seems to fly in the face of inclusivity. But maybe that’s just me being me

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It’s not just, or even mainly, parents. This hurts people first & foremost, who are more likely to be lgbtq+. And they’re not even really mentioned in this article.

Dear , here is why one of your directors supporting anti-SOGI efforts is a big deal.

Growing calls for Autism BC director to step down

AutismBC director draws fire for reported appearance at anti-SOGI event

Look who blocked me! Not surprising. These anti-LGBTQ+ people who are opposed to inclusive school policies for LGBTQ+ students tend to block me when I call them out on their homophobic, transphobic bigotry.

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like wtf

Is this what supports for their Director? Attending secretive meetings, plotting to strip away equality and human rights for LGBTQ+ students? As a parent of a transgender teenage son, I am saddened & disgusted.

This is important. This is an opportunity for to stand up for those they serve and denounce those that choose selective inclusion for the betterment of all of those they support.

So someone made this video asking people to sign the petition asking to get rid of director Laurie Guerra, who is a Surrey city councillor…..

. parents group demands anti-SOGI director, Surrey councillor step down A petition has about 300 signatures right now as well. STORY:

Parents group demands anti-SOGI AutismBC director, Surrey councillor, step down

Backlash is growing against Surrey city councillor Laurie Guerra -director of AutismBC – after she attended an secret anti-SOGI meeting this week. A parents group wants her removed from the board of directors. Also, there is a petition. LISTEN:

It’s very concerning that , a director of , was speaking out against resources. How does this inform their work around inclusion?

Concerns in our community about a non-inclusive director at Autism BC.

Paul, you’re….

This media may contain sensitive material. Your media settings are configured to warn you when media may be sensitive.

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News flash…everyone in Canada is protected. It’s the law. Stop acting superior!

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She is dead wrong Sogi has got to go

Well here’s another conundrum for you. I support the autism network (have an autisitc sister) but don’t think SOGI is a good idea either. Uh oh, now what?

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It does seem to work for some orange tinged folk….

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Which, isn’t she recorded being anti-SOGI? Why do they try to fight recoded fact by going full hysterical?

The fact that people believe that LGBTQ2+ is a completely separate issue from being autistic blows my mind. inclusion is inclusion. diversity is diversity. You can’t rally for one group and marginalize the other. Councillor Laurie Guerra Autism BC

Autistic students deserve safety, respect, and access. you are failing the very people you claim to serve. Autistic queers exist and you are aligning your loyalty to instead of actual Autistic students.

Dear denies she was at a SECRET Anti-SOGI meeting but there is video and audio recording of her. Some of your clients are likely to be LGBTQ+ children. Do you really want her as a director?

This is not right. She should step Down. What about the LGBTQ2 kids with Autism? Do the discriminate against them as AutismBC Director?

I just saw this now. Clearly she knows of her wrongdoings. Now it’s time for her to resign. Do you know anything about the community?

Who appoints directors to the board, the province? Can they remove her?

Since is not on Twitter but is on Instagram and Facebook, I’ve been giving them bad reviews and using IG stories to call them out. Everyone who has done this has received this response:

And one of the councillors elected is a director many of our folks identify as +

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How can the Director of Autism BC fight and support inclusion for one group of students and not for another? As a mother of an ASD child and resident of Surrey, Im deeply disappointed.

How can they reconcile advocating for one group born diverse (via AutismBC) but totally stomp on another (LGBTQ+)? This is really disturbing.

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Thank you so much for this

. at web. Now : death toll rising in California fires. : petition is growing for Coun. Laurie Guerra to step down from AutismBC. : NHL reaches a tentative deal with players on concussion suit. LISTEN:

On this morning — an update on the , the push to remove a director with for attending a secret anti-SOGI meeting, the rotating strikes at hit and we hear from about a deal for NHL players w concussions.

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It’s a bold strategy.

True, we need all the love, help and support. I know a few trans people who get a lot of hate thrown of them simply because they’re also autistic. So you’d think would want to help autistic folks who are trans or otherwise under the LGBTQ umbrella huh?

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Also, let’s not forget that AUTISMBC does not have resources for autistic adults to get a diagnosis. This was something I HAD TO DO ON MY OWN.

I feel bad for anyone with children who have autism and identify as LGBTQ. Knowing that director is anti LGBTQ must be an awful feeling.

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And some autistic folks are lgbtq, does she serve them?

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I know at least 2 autistic trans folks, would she serve them?

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As a mother of a child w/ autism I’m ashamed this organization wont stand up for what’s right. If you are truly for you wouldn’t have an leader of your group.

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As if parents of children with special needs don’t already have enough fight on their hands gaining access to equitable education, now they have to fight the very organization that exists solely to support them? Unbelievable. Do better

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ESPECIALLY given the high number of trans and other queer people within the autistic community. It is UNACCEPTABLE that the director of an autism charity which should theoretically advocating on our behalf hold such views.

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Guerra is the Board Director of AutismBC. How does being Anti-SOGI, anti inclusion and acceptance track with her work with AutismBC?

So, I’ve always been cautious about , but knowing that their chair is a homophobic and transphobic bigot really turns me off. This taints every Autism charity in BC and it’d be good to know where others stand when it comes to hate like this.

. What say you and ?

We have the latest on the that have killed dozens of people and left thousands homeless. Our is looking into the push to see a new city councilor removed from her role as a director with after she attended a secret anti-SOGI mtg.

Thank you so much for posting this. seriously. ❤

True but it seems like they can’t or won’t do that. Their response was subpar tbh.

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uhhh…. is there a reason your article treats autistic & LGBTQ+ rights as if they are separate issues, when that’s not remotely true?? Autistic people are more likely to be gender non-conforming than the general population, and many of us are queer.

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Laurie Guerra MUST step down as director of Autism BC. Her words of hate and intolerance are shocking. If she does not step down, Autism BC MUST relieve her of her duties immediately.

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I describe what it is in the story if you follow the link.

I’d like to know what message thinks this sends to LGBTQ kids with ASD and LGBTQ families affected by autism to have a director in their organization sharing/endorsing these views…message for me would be, don’t come here for support, you’re not welcome and safe here.

beyond me that a disgusting and ignorant human like you is the director for

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