As Seen On Facebook | The Autistic Community needs your help! … via Agony Autie 

The Autistic Community needs your help!

Baltic Pearl Hair and Beauty Salon in Leeds hosted this event, despite autistic advocates pleading with them not to do so.

The response? They held an anti-autism talk in Leeds, in their hairdressers, laughing at the Autistic protesters outside in the cold.

I phoned the Hairdresser for a statement, informing them of this post and asked if they’d be hosting more harmful events; The salon hung up on me.

All the other Churches STOPPED the talk once they learnt of its harmful, pseudoscience nature. But not Baltic Pearl!

I urge the residents of Leeds to stand up against autistic fear & hate. I urge you to contact your Local Authority, your MPs and update your Local press on the threats we face as autistic people.

Bleach, Chelation, Restrictive Diets, Electric Shock & Conversation Therapies are being offered as Autistic Cures. This harms us.

Please help. The autistic community need you by our sides…our voices have been made powerless.

#theautisticrevolutionwillbetelevised #autisticthreats #autisticabuse#autistichate #autistic

Autistic Inclusive Meets Community Group AIM
It’s An Autism Thing. I’ll Help You Understand It. By Emma Dalmayne


Katie Louise Shocked that things like this are happening but not surprised. I’m from Leeds and will not be EVER using their services. Awful! X


Natasha Colbourne Gawds the anti vaccine conspiracy weirdos!!

Emma Youe Sickening 😥 the world needs different minds! Neurodiversity I believe is one the best thing for us! Main thing stopping us fully using the strengths of our neurodiverse world is ignorence! This event makes me so angry 😦 solidarity with those who protested ❤️ 💪



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