Our thoughts are with those who are affected by the California wildfires | @NAMICalifornia

California Wildfires Statement

Our thoughts are with Californians impacted by the recent wildfires in and around both Butte County and Ventura County. The fires have destroyed many homes and have forced many more to evacuate. NAMI California thanks first responders for getting so many to safety, and we want to stress the importance of attending to both the immediate and long-term mental health needs of all affected community members during this crisis. NAMI California

Did you know?

  • Over $23 billion were lost due to fire damages in 2017
  • 14,670 were injured during this time frame
  • More than 50 percent of residential building fires are caused by cooking- More men die and are injured in fires than women

What to do if you become trapped near a wildfire

While in your vehicle:
  • Stay calm.
  • Park your vehicle in an area clear of vegetation.
  • Close all vehicle windows and vents.
  • Cover yourself with wool blanket or jacket.
  • Lie on vehicle floor.
  • Use your cell phone to advise officials – call 911
While on foot:
  • Stay calm.
  • Go to an area clear of vegetation. A ditch or depression on level ground if possible.
  • Lie face down, cover up your body.
  • Use your cell phone to advise officials – call 911.
While in your home:
  • Stay calm, keep your family together.
  • Call 911 and inform authorities of your location.
  • Fill sinks and tubs with cold water.
  • Keep doors and windows closed, but unlocked.
  • Stay inside your house.Stay away from outside walls and windows.

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