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#BetterwaysthanABA hashtag on Twitter


Source: #BetterwaysthanABA hashtag on Twitter

Don’t train me to be your normal Let me teach you mine so you may understand its richness it could bring you

I have used ABA in the past: a short-lived program with ABA Scotland and focussed intervention with @TailorEdFEdin. That was when I did not understand my child and had not listened to the autistic community. It’s time autism orgs listened to autistic people!!

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Exposure and behavioural ‘therapy’ are basically ABA. So much out there about the harm this causes. You must have come across this? I don’t have time to debate here.

A Google shows how important “spoon theory” is to the disabled (ie ). Yet a LD nurse shamelessly blogs about a spoons analogy to argue is harmless. Here said ABAer illustrates how his priority is about the “data”.

I like the hashtag. I strongly believe that if you don’t show the alternatives, and how and why they’re better, you won’t get many ABA supporters (including parents) on board. It’s just not enough to say ABA is bad.

😫 😩 😤 😨 😰 😯 😥 😪 😓 😭 Lengthy, time consuming exhausting convoluted debate on selective mutism ‘treatment’ led ultimately to ABA. Hmmm?

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Of course they do! But “Teaching facial expressions in isolation of all other forms of communication” (what??) is basically ABA.

This video further sets out why the behaviour of this BILD award winning, registered LD nurse acts disgracefully towards the autistic community. Thank you

ABAers making fun once again, which is really nothing new……

… Like what? ⬇⬇⬇

ABA is abuse, full stop! There is no such thing as a kinder gentler ABA. It is all coercion therapy, designed to convert an autistic person into the neurotypical we will never be!

Even the therapists who claim they are the good ones don’t call out the bad stuff. Anyone who points this out is met with silence or dismissive replies. Even the so called good ones refuse to listen.

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That’s way better than, “Oh, I wouldn’t want to change him for the world, we’re just doing ABA so he’ll cope better IN the world.” 😧

Really puzzled why three pro-ABA Twitter accounts just tried to follow me when I have Anti-ABA in my bio. Time to block.

Current Cochran review concludes that the evidence for Picture Exchange Communication System, PECS, to improve verbal and non-verbal communication is very low. PECS is a standard ABA tool…

ABAers think it all has to be based on data when you have a different neurology! Actually…helloooooo..don’t listen to Lovaas who said autistic people are sub-human and need ABA to learn bit by bit. Autistics are not experiments, but human after all!

Nothing like having an organization that uses food deprivation try follow me. No thank you.

By Eve Reiland

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