#ABASurvivor hashtag on Twitter

Source: #ABASurvivor hashtag on Twitter

Hi Mary. Last time I checked, folks were HUMAN BEINGS. I really do not appreciate being compared to a chicken, and find it greatly disturbing that you see us as less than human.

Nothing like having an organization that uses food deprivation try follow me. No thank you.

if you look at the tweets of this you will see the harm that charities that use ABA on vulnerable children can cause. There’s no complaints process to escalate concerns to the UK Society of Behaviour Analysts

Really puzzled why three pro-ABA Twitter accounts just tried to follow me when I have Anti-ABA in my bio. Time to block.

I personally abhor reward/token systems of any kind. Reminds me way too much of ABA.

ABA is Applied Behavior Analysis. Basically dog training for ppl, & its goal is to make us indistinguishable from non-autistics. I LOATHE ABA with all my heart, & dream of a day when ABA’s no longer allowed & put out of business for good!

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Perhaps a social media campaign to encourage and give a voice to those who are an ?

As person who went thru 30 hrs/wk of ABA for # of years as nonverbal child, adamantly against it.

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Agreed! FYI: Blue Light ABA Consulting connected with Autism Speaks. BLOCK.

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Been thru ABA. It literally gave me . Therapist was a real fan of using whistles & ‘quiet hands’

Oh sweet LORD, executive director used to be an ABA therapist

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My conclusion: they can stick this ‘therapy’ where the sun don’t shine

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I will often have NT parents troll me when I criticize ABA

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I took a peek and got SUPER angry!

I am an . Can ‘mask’ quite well. Still doesn’t change my neurology. I. AM.

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